Glenn Rogers returns to Deliverance

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Deliverance is one of the biggest and oldest metal bands of this scene. With a new album on the way, of course the band would be doing an interview. Doug Van Pelt has revived Heaven’s Metal Magazine and recently interviewed Jimmy Brown II of the band. They spoke about the new upcoming album, why they came back, and his project with other ex-Deliverance members titled Eraserhead. During the interview, Doug asked Jimmy about a rumor of Glenn Rogers (Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Hirax) returning to the band. Here’s what Jimmy had to say:

YES! Glenn is back with Deliverance.

He also mentioned that Greg Minier (The Crucified) recorded some songs and solos on the new album. It sounds as though the current lineup of the band is Jimmy Brown II on vocals and guitars, Glenn Rogers on guitars, Victor Macias (Tourniquet) on bass, and Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, Fasedown, Once Dead).

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