Ghost Key signs to InVogue Records; Announce "If I Don't Make It"

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Ghost Key, Illinois hardcore act, has just announced that they have signed with InVogue Records. They have also announced the name and release date of their new album, If I Don’t Make It set to be released through InVogue on February 17th. Ghost Key is a band that began around 2011. The band has been on several tours and have played with Silent Planet, Church Tongue, and Beartooth. The band also released a single called “Indecision”, which you can hear below.

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January 7, 2017 11:51 am

Not trying to stir anything up, but is this band or the members Christian? I’m asking because I was going to check out their music, but was reading some of their lyrics and there was some expletive language. I know that some Christian acts, especially in foreign countries, are ok with using “colorful” vocabulary. I personally don’t agree.

January 7, 2017 3:13 pm
Reply to  Mason Beard

Ok that interview cleared things up. Makes me think of a band called Until Yesterday out of Ohio. They play with a bunch of Christian bands, they sing about God, but one of their members wears a shirt alot with a pentagram on it. I haven’t found anything stating their beliefs but the music is good and as I stated, they do sing about God. I personally try not to listen to music with negative lyrics especially with swearing. Before I got saved I was pretty bad myself hence the reason. I’m rambling now. Thanks for that post, Mason!

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