Former Ruins to Premiere Two Songs Off Their Upcoming Album

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Muncie-based Former Ruins has returned with the first fruits of a new LP that will inevitably serve as a powerful follow-up to Large Startling. While the former dealt with faithfulness and its intersection with cynicism and deconstruction, the new album appears to be on of mystified faith and adoration, rife with understanding that the hypostatic nature of Christ has bold implications for what it means to be a physical being.

Next Thursday, 4/14, we’ll be premiering two new tracks so you’ll be able to see first-hand how the project has evolved during a (seemingly) quiet spell.

“Sparrow Eyes” is a full-production post-punk spectacle of sort, layering instrumental elements, vocal motifs, and even lyrical interpretations with ease. In short, it’s about how God never misses us in our wandering, much like how a mother keeps careful eye on her child in public. And while Large Startling is impressive in its own right, the arrangements are lusher and bolder than ever before.

While rewriting hymns has become a bit like playing with fire due to certain connotations, Former Ruins’ take on “Doxology” is augmentative of the original in all respects, noting that even our ability to worship God in the way He desires is a gift. While the song tends to be a quick tag to a service, this time around we’re called to wrestle with certain truths for longer than we’re used to. And rightly so, for there is beauty to behold.

Follow Former Ruins on Spotify and social media. You can check out the first album below.

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