Enter the Underground: Hymns of the Blackest Light

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As a two year anniversary for the forum The Blackest Light, DC Mills (Vials of Wrath) helped all the musician members release a compilation for the group. You’ll see a bunch of bands you may have heard of represented: O, Majestic Winter, Corpse, Vials of Wrath, or maybe Blood Thirsty. Showcasing a variety of distribution centers, these bands have been on Vision of God Records, SkyBurnsBlack Records, Sanctus Gladius Records, and Vociferator Entertainment. This compilation features a fair amount of current Christian black metal, death metal, and grindcore, and offers some insight in what the underground has to offer.

Started by Thomas Eversole (Orationem, Ankou Awaits), The Blackest Light truly is the best place to experience a Christian Black Metal community. I myself have been a part of the forum for nearly a year now and thoroughly enjoy my experience with the members. If you ever feel like you just do not belong anywhere, no one seems to understand your weird tastes in underground music, if you miss the olde Blabberboard or other forums ten years ago, or just want another community of fellow like-minded people passionate about music and Jesus, The Blackest Light can provide an outlet.


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Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
March 30, 2017 4:10 am

Nice. New corpse+ blood thirsty ful lenghts? Please+ thank u, lol.

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