Eager Seas promises new album

Eager Seas Set to Release New Album Via Singles, Debuts "Always On Your Side"

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Eager Seas, formerly known as Lakes, has surfaced with a new single. Always On Your Side continues their tradition of sentimental, hazy slow dance songs. More importantly, they’ll be releasing each of the songs off their upcoming album, “Mine As Well”.

Here are the release dates of all of the tracks off the album

1. ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE : February 9

2. JEAN : March 2

3. FADE AWAY : March 23

4. DREAMER : April 13

5. HOLD ON (pt 2) : May 4


7. LIVE WIRE : June 15

8. CALLING OUT : July 6

9. SO WHAT : July 27

10. SUPPOSED TO BE : August 17

11. LIFE CAN BE SEEN : September 7

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February 10, 2018 8:48 am

I hate when bands do this. Waiting til September for the final song. Just release the cd. So they were watashi wa then eager seas then lakes now eager seas again