Brolly "Son"

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http://’s song of the day is a brilliant gem from the super talented, yet somewhat unknown and under the radar, Brolly. From the first time I heard Brolly’s ” Hollow Home Rd” EP, I was hooked day 1. His mesmerizing and beautifully crafted songs seem to pull the listener into his world from beginning to end. This amazing and talented songwriter from the great state of California, has 3 EP’s under his belt. Hollow Home Rd. :2012
Wolfe : 2014
Shadow and Light : 2019

The 2018 single “Son”, Brolly’s first new music since the Wolfe EP, Showed the artist’s progression in his short , yet budding career. A deep and expansive song, that lyrically touches on faith from the start. This listener enjoys that when listening to this song, as well as others, that each individual can take what they want from the lyrics. Fans of Coldplay, Bon Iver, Andrew Belle, James Bay, and Penny & Sparrow, would enjoy the aforementioned artist’s entire catalog. Hopefully a full length for the masses is the next step for Brolly.


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