Ascending King (SkyBurnsBlack Records) Finishing EP

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The Unblack metal project, Ascending King has began to finish their debut EP. The band has a sound like Atmospheric Black metal with Zao/Carcass Vocals. Aaron Kirby is the mastermind behind the project. Aaron was a member of the metalcore/hardcore band Dryline for it’s duration. The project began in 2015-2016ish and has released a single titled “Genesis of Desolation”. I did an interview with Aaron awhile back so there is a little more background there, but he’s been rather busy recording this to give many updates. The working title for the EP is Funeral of a Species, but I’m unsure if that is the official title. Check out “Genesis of Desolation” below and go follow Ascending King and their label SkyBurnsBlack.

Starting guitars for "Moon Of The Dead". One more track after that (Eternal Extinction of Apollyon) and the EP is…

Posted by Ascending King on Friday, February 10, 2017

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I’ve been trying to find some good black metal bands these days (that aren’t overly “Satanic”). But there’s not many. I feel like black metal’s challenge is twofold; 1) having a recording that isn’t over-produced and yet not ‘under-produced’ (with the purpose of sounding “underground”) and 2) actual good music.

This recording fits the genre for the most (I felt the drums during the fast part odd), but the music wasn’t all that amazing. I’d be curious to hear more though. I dig it.

Aaron Kirby (Ascending King)

Thanks for listening! I have actually re-recorded this song for the EP. A lot better production and drums that make more sense (I know what you are saying, that’s why I redid it). That was more experimenting with drum stuff that didn’t work. I appreciate your honest opinion. the ep will release very soon. God Bless.

Mark K
There are quite a few outstanding black metal bands in the Christian music world! Slechtvalk just put out their new album, Shadows of Paragon and Vials of Wrath are is almost done with their new albums (old material is outstanding). Throne of Awful Splendor’s ep was one of my favorite albums of 2015 (new Ep on its way too). Love it! Slave Eye’s material sounds fantastic! Crimson Moonlight’s newest was released last year. These not to mention A Hill To Die Upon, Hazeroth, Enshrouding, Grave Declaration, Antestor, Cerimonial Sacred, Skald in Veum, Armath Sargon, Stronghold, Golgota, etc. I honestly believe… Read more »