As We Are: Show Review and New Song Info

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So I didn’t hear of As We Are until after they had already played a nearby town where I currently reside a year ago, but tonight I finally got to do so, and it rocked!

For those who have not heard of As We Are, they are a 3 piece pop punk outfit out of southern Illinois. These guys keep it true to pop punk akin to the early 90’s style of the genre.

It’s hard for me to find words to express the live experience of As We Are as it is an experience one must endure themself. They are energetic, they get the crowd involved, and are passionate about their music and their message. Dale and Eli are all over the place and never ever miss a chord while doing so. Caleb is a beast on the drums and plays with such force! Each beat he bangs out makes you want to jump along! Dale not only gets the crowd singing and chanting along with the whoa’s but also along with Eli get everyone clapping along! They are a visual representation of their album that must not be missed!

As We Are will be playing San Antonio, TX at El Luchador tomorrow 2/09. I highly recommend all those pop punk fanatics in the area to do yourselves a favor and go see them! For others not residing in or near San Antonio, go check As We Are’s facebook page ( as they still have 18 more shows scheduled until March 17th.

Now, as for updates, I got to speak with Dale a bit before their set and he stated that As We Are will be going into the studio in Georgia on April 1st where they recorded their last self titled release to record 8-10 songs to be released via Raven Faith Records. This writer is so geeked that I don’t know what I’m gonna do to pass the time until the release!

Dale also announced to the crowd that in 2-3 weeks As We Are will be recording a video for their song “The Change” from their self titled release.

We spoke about the tour and he said that it has just been amazing! That every town, every crowd has just been so wonderful! We spoke about some of their adventures like As We Are driving through winding iced over mountain roads in Pennsylvania during the polar vortex or Gibby (merch) dislocating Chris’ (merch) right shoulder in a WWE styled tour van cage match with his shirt folding board (LOL! J/K. The match didn’t happen, but Chris did dislocate his right shoulder.)

The Lord is watching over these guys and they’re doing great things! Please continue to pray for them on the rest of their tour, and again do yourselves a favor and go see them! You’ll only be short changing yourself if you don’t!


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