Sean C Johnson: LIFE IS ART | Ep 1: At Your Weakest

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LIFE IS ART: “A look into the life behind the art”

The great danger for those in ministry is that you are actually at your weakest after you finish ministering. You’ve poured out and let your guard down, but beware; the enemy will seek to tempt when you’re At Your Weakest.

“Life Is Art” (starring Sean C. Johnson) follows the life of a rising Gospel Artist recovering from a moral failure. Take a candid look into his life as he draws inspiration from his own personal struggles to create music that connects with his fans.

Produced by:
First Fruits Entertainment

Sean C. Johnson as Himself
Dacember Traylor as Tiffany
Jalisa Debro as Herself (Manager)
Lykwid Suga as The Band

Theme Music By: DJ Diapolis “Come Back”
Additional Music By: DJ Harrison

Twitter @seancjohnson