Faithful Unto Death - Give Up Grow Old

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Faithful Unto Death have released a music video for the title track from their new album, titled Give Up, Grow Old. Check out the video & lyrics below. You can also check out our review here & stream the other tracks below via Bandcamp.

Told a thousand times to get realistic,
Too positive, too optimistic,
When you get older this will make you tired,
Give up all the things you desired,
The real world will make you see this is futile, just let it go,
Settle in for a sterile life, giving up in the status quo,
But I’ve got bad news cause I won’t be slowing down,
Relentless living, until I receive that faithful crown,
So take a step back and watch me prove you wrong,
Cause my passion and convictions are just that strong,
I live this life cause I know it’s right,
Call me what you want, I’m gritty, grimy and full of light.
I’m not chasing after status or security,
Focused only on what, God says I need,
Seek first the kingdom and let the rest pass away,
Keep my eyes dead set focused on that goal every day,
If growing old means giving up
Than I’ll stay young forever