We Became The Sun

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Can you give me an introduction to everyone in the band?
Trevor: Vocals, 6 foot tall, Big Beard, Nose Ring
Kyle: Drums, 6 foot tall, Blonde, Kinda Sexy
Alex: Bass/Vocals, Bearded, Curly-Q, Ba-donka-donk
Ryan: Guitar, The Guy With The Hat, Magic Fingers
Avik: Guitar/Vocals, Mustache and Soul Patch, All-Year Tan
Brad:Guitar/Vocals, Short, Bearded, Kinda Tanish

How did We Became The Sun come together as a band?
Trevor and Brad started playing guitar together and got Kyle to play drums (stole him from his old band). In an attempt to get a bass player, they found Ryan, a third guitar player off of an online classifieds. So, that was three guitars and no bass, good idea? No, so we made our little buddy Alex play bass. We made him do it! After
Avik’s death metal band broke up, he took Trevor’s spot on the six string and Trevor just moved to lead vocals.
[actually, we all met eachother on eharmony.com :)]

Where did you get the name “We Became The Sun?”
Out of a poetry book in Steak N Shake! We just adopted our own meaning out of it. Want to know the meaning? You should have asked! Haha

You guys have a new EP coming out. What is the title of it and what does the title mean?
The Title is “The Earth and I are Intertwined”. Brad wrote a weird love poem and we just stole it from that. The lyrics of the E.P. as a whole deal with our relationship with others and the struggles within our personal lives (with lots of analogies to nature) and the title ties this idea together.

What would you say would be some similar sounding bands?
We have heard mewithouYou, Circa Survive, Minus the Bear, and As Cities Burn.

When does “The Earth and I are Intertwined” come out?
We are going to be printing the E.P. near the end of April.

How long have you prepared for the release of your EP?
We have been writing songs for over a year, trying to find our sound. When we recorded our first three songs with the new line-up, we decided that was the sound we were looking for. We have been working with Eric from Moonlight Studios to finalize the tracks for the disc. He’s really started to take on a bigger role in our music. Mixing on the final three tracks is being done as we speak!

What are some of the band’s influences?
Edison Glass, Circa Survive, Radiohead, Fear Before the March of Flames, Russian Circles, Thursday…..and Limp Bizkit

Where does the inspiration come from for the songs you write?
Us being confined in Kyle’s dungeon basement with an endless supply of pointless objects. Seriously, the sooner we are out of the basement (our practice space) the better. Other than that, we just try to find simple topics that are important emotionally and physically and dig deep into them. Some the topics we have covered are ugliness, unsucessful relationships, selfishness and what its going to be like when we have our first son or daughter.

What are plans for the future?
Write more jams. Play cornerstone again. Keep growing in our music and friendships. Watch more Full House and iCarly.

What has the Lord been showing you in the last year or two?
Well we are all on different journeys in our lives. Some of us are more “in-tune” with our relationship with God and others are have not come to a part in their lives where they have settled with a certain faith. We have Avik in our band (he is Hindu) and the most important thing for us was to accept him with open arms with religion and differences out of the picture. I (Brad) believe that the acceptance of your “brothers” is more important than trying to sway their beliefs. We all know there is a higher and in-control power as our guiding light. Probably the biggest reason that we do not label ourselves as a “christian” band is because we are not the best examples. We try! We really do! But just like everyone else, we make our mistakes (in life and our faith) and do not want people to follow in our footsteps. To sum it all up, were just a bunch of dudes trying to have a good time and share our passion for music.

What was the most encouraging thing to happen to you guys as a band?
Getting to play in Texas and Oklahoma was a really eye opening experience but probably the most encouraging thing that we have done is appealing to a music scene that amost exclusivly support metal and hardcore music.Don’t get me wrong, we all love heavy music but that is not what we wanted to play. So being able to get people to listen to us in the first place was the most encouraging thing. From then on we just had to keep pumpin’ out the jams and keeping hoping that we could continue appealing to every type of crowd.

What do you hope a listener comes away with after hearing you guys?
Inspiration and the want to listen and play music like we do.

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