Wake Into The Nightmare

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Email interview with Garrett, vocalist of Wake Into The Nightmare. Get to know this up-and-coming band below.

First off, since you’ll be new to most of our readers, can you give a short back story of the band?

The band started up in 2005, has played well over 300 shows, recently released full-length album and its on iTunes, LimewireStore, Shockhound, and Myspace Music.

Who are the various members of the band and what instruments do they play?


Is there any significance to the name Wake Into The Nightmare? Why did you guys pick it?

Not really, the orginal vocalist of the band chose it and since he passed away a few years back we have decided to keep it to pay tribute.

Describe your overall sound for our readers.

Someone told me we sound like HOODS ON STERIODS, haha so I guess thats what we sound like.

Where are you guys from? Is there a decent hardcore scene there?

We are from Baton Rouge, LA and to be completely honest, no the scene is horrible it could be great but the only all-age venue out here closed down and since then there hasnt been much of a scene.

Who are your bands biggest influences musically?

Deff. Terror, First Blood, Call to Preserve, The Ghost Inside, Remembering Never

Name some bands who’s albums are getting a lot of play with members of the band.

Trent and Jack are constantly listening to Remembering Never
Tyler and Landen love The Ghost Inside and I(Garrett) listen to Terror, The Fray, and Four Year Strong, weird mix I know.

You guys recently released a self-titled full length that you recorded with Brian Hood (former drummer of MyChildren MyBride). Was that your first time recording? How did the recording process go?

No it wasn’t our first time recording we released a demo in late 2007, and recording with Brian was great! I would suggest him to every band that wants great recordings, especially for the price.

Is the album only available digitally (iTunes) or can they purchase a physical copy? If so, where can they pick that up?

Yea it’s just available digitally as of right now, although we are giving away burnt cds with the 4 songs on our Myspace for free at our shows!!!

Is there a member that writes most of the music or is it a group effort? How about the lyrics?

Deff a group effort, we all sit down and just jam and if parts sound really awesome we try to work it in somehow, and I write all of my lyrics myself.

What kind of issues do you tackle in the lyrics?

Well, of course I glorify Christ, but there are other songs such as “High Standards” where I sing about people never giving you a chance even though you think you deserve one, they still never give it to you..so I try to reach our to people all around me Christians and non-Christians

Since Wake Into The Nightmare is a part-time thing for you guys, what else do you guys do (school, work, etc.)?

Yes we all work alot! If we get signed then we will settle down with working and start touring full time, but as of now we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. Some of us go to school too, Tyler is a full time Student at LSU, and Trent is in Technical College.

Starting in June you guys hit the road with Those Who Fear out of Pittsburgh. How did that tour get hooked up?

Josh Miller from TWF sent me a message through their myspace and the message just said “we have to tour soon!” and we just hooked everything up from there.

You guys are heading out to Cornerstone Festival this year as well. Have you played the festival before? Do you know what stage(s) you’ll be playing on yet?

Never played it before, I did work the Achor Stage in 2008 and were not sure what stages we will be playing yet.

Who are some current bands that you’d like to tour with?

Call to Preserve, Endwell, The Great Commission, Change Today

Do you consider WITN to be a ministry or music that happens to be made by Christians?

Music thats christian made, although some of my songs are christian related, some arent because I try to reach out to as many people as possible.

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve with the band?

Deff. get signed so we can tour full time and spread our word anywhere that is possible!

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Thanks for this interview! Thank you to everyone who has read this whole thing! Also thank you to every single person that has ever been to one of our shows, bought a tshirt or cd, anything. The reason that drives us to do this is
the original vocalist to this band, Jacob we think about you every day man, we love you, we will all join you one day my friend.