Truly, Truly

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Fans of Oh, Sleeper and UnderOath. Check out, Truly, Truly of Summit, MS. This is a name you will soon know. You can download their song, “Peace, Perfect Peace” for free via their family site. Come get to know these good ole southern boys (and jokesters).

Let’s begin with getting to know you guys a bit. Tell us who you are and what you guys do in the band.

We are five piece from good ole deep southMississippi. The only member who is allowed to reveal their name to the public is our bass player. His name is Austin. (haha)

Usually when someone says the same word twice.  Its usually to emphasize the importance of that specific word. So, what is the importance of Truly? Where did the band name come from?

The band name came from the red letters of the ESV translation of the bible. Before Jesus says something important he always begins it with Truly, Truly. An Example is John 3:3 : “Truly, Truly, I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

You guys are from Mississippi, not really a state known for Hardcore music. Do you guys hope to change that?

There is a bigger Hardcore scene in MS than outsiders seem to think. Hardcore is just an outlet. What we’re most concerned about is people coming to know Christ at our shows and through our music.

If Truly, Truly was to ever disband. Would you guys want to be more remembered for the ministry of Truly, Truly or the music of Truly, Truly?

We would want to be remembered for the ministry of the Truly, Truly. I guess. It all depends on what you want me to remember.


You guys played Cornerstone last year. It was your first year, what was the crowd response like to you guys?

In all seriousness, it ruled. Dudes from my favorite bands were at one of the shows we played and it was such a great feeling to actually be doing what we’ve all dreamed of doing for years.

If any bands who are reading this interview, happen to be playing Cornerstone this year. Do you have any advice to give them?

You don’t have to wear underwear if you don’t want to. Haha.

If I had to describe you guys to a new listener. I’d say shows influence from Oh, Sleeper with a live show that would make In the Midst of Lions jealous. How would you describe this band to a new listener or to this reader?

Fish…. It’s almost like music for fishes. Check us out and decide for yourself in all honesty:

You guys released an 3-song demo last year. This is a new year. Are we to expect a new EP or even a full length from you guys?

We are planning to get back in the studio at the end of this year or the beginning of next, but that all depends onAustin’s strict disc golf practice regimen.

When it comes to the song writing. Does it come from scripture, experiences or just things that God speaks into you?

All of the above. God reveals things to us so we put that in songs. We struggle with things so we put that in songs. We learn things so we put that in songs.

Could you guys give an inside on the tour schedule this year?

We will hopefully touring throughout the end of the year and then doing the whole studio thing. But I’m seriousAustinis serious about his disc golf.

What is the process when it comes to writing new music, musically?

We usually notate all instrumentation in the form of an acapella choir composition. Then we just try our best to play all the parts. It’s kind of a difficult process.

 Check us out on To Our Father, the CreaTOUR 2012 this spring:

April 22nd – The Warehouse @ Birmingham, AL

April 23rd – Chop Shop @ Columbia, MS

April 25th – Dallas/Fort Worth Church TBA

April 27th – First Nazare @ Amarillo, TX

April 28th – First Church of Sota @ Sota, AZ

April 29th – The Paradigm @ Yuiciapa, CA

April 30th – The Nitty Gritty @ Rancho, CA

May 2nd – San Angelo, TX Church TBA

May 3rd – HxC Ministries @ Abielene, TX

May 4th – Headhunters @ Austin, TX

May 7th – Columbia, MS Venue TBA

May 8th – Agape Church @ Pinson, AL

Hope to see you all on the road.