The Red Baron

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First off, can you give the member’s names and the instruments they play in the band?
Phil Porto-vocals
Josiah Sampson-drums
Chase Babcock-guitar
Josh Card-guitar
John Campbell-bass

Alright, since it’s your first interview with IVM, can you give us a short background story about how you guys came together to form The Red Baron? How long has the current lineup been together?
I wanted to start a band and talked to Chase and Josiah about it. We got together with some guys and just started jamming. Bout a month later we got offered our 1st show with Blacklisted and kept going since. It was about almost 6 years ago. The current lineup has been about 2 years strong.

So you’ve been together for about 6 years altogether, but you also broke up for a bit correct? What brought the band back together?
Correct. We didn’t feel like our time was up. There was still things in our heart we wanted to share and passion in our heart to keep it going. So we fixed what needed to be fixed and picked it up again.

Are you guys a full-time band or do you have regular jobs?
We are not a full time band. We at one time were non stop touring but Chase is married and works full time. I’m tour managing, working in ministry, and in a serious relationship. The other 3 guys are in a band called New City Lions, check them out.

Alright, on to the current situation. How did you connect with Blood & Ink Records? How has that been so far?
Blood and Ink came to a show we played @ Cornerstone Florida and liked what they heard so approached us. The guys at the label were awesome so we worked out a deal. Its been good. They’ve been very understanding with our whole situation and I can’t complain.

Tell me about the recording process for “My First Love”. Who did you record with? How did it go overall?
We recorded with an old friend, Paul Kimsal. He recorded our 1st demo ever and has grown into an amazing engineer so we linked up with him. The studio was nothing but good times. Really pleased with the experience and the sound.

What can we expect from the new disc? Describe your sound for those that are unfamiliar with you.
Honestly, its a bit different. I really feel like we’ve grown as a band and our new album shows that. We just tried to write music that we related to and felt inspired to write. Didn’t put ourselves in a box. I can’t really describe it since we all have different inspirations. But you’ll hear some Righteous Jam influence, some Madball influence, some Biggie influence. I don’t know, just gotta listen to it.

The Red Baron is unashamedly Christian. Was that a goal from the beginning?
Yea it was a goal. Its who we are. Not ashamed of it. Were not the type to force our beliefs on anyone but we are willing to stand up for it.

What is the main goal you guys have with TRB?
Speak the truth in our lives. Be there for kids who need us. Love God, Love others, play music were passionate about.

What kind of lyrical topics do you address in the new songs?
Everything from American greed, us as Christians messing up and needing grace, being straightedge, passion for our scene, and having self respect.

Can you share your favorite lyric from the new album and why it stands out to you?
“Grace is for falling, Catch me when I fall.”
I don’t ever want people to think we are self righteous Christians who consider ourselves better then anyone. Were far from perfect.

What kind of touring plans do you have to support the new album?
We will be doing 20 days in March/April

How about your ideal tour? Give me 3 bands you’d love to tour with.
Wow that’s hard. Current bands I’d have to say I’d love to do a Down to Nothing, Terror, and Comeback Kid Tour

Old bands- Over my Dead Body, Rightoues Jams, and Blood for Blood.

The Christian hardcore community is definitely seeing a resurgence. What advice can you give to bands starting out and what would you say to to those already out there?
Same thing to all of them- don’t be fake. I did some things in the early stages of the band I’m not proud of, and I’d suggest that everyone who has a message, abide by it fully.

Your Myspace states that you “a lifestyle free of filth”? Is the whole band straight edge or just Phil?
Yes we are all straightedge

What drew you to straight edge initially? Was that choice before you chose to give your life to Christ or after?
It was after. I was a Christian but still would have an occasional drink or smoke. I came to the realization that whole lifestyle is stupid and unsatisfying and that I needed to have more respect for myself and my body.

Anything you’d like to say in closing?
I hope you enjoy the album and can get something out of it. God bless and wish you all the best

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