The Overseer

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I had the chance to talk with guitarist/clean vocalist of the up and coming Solid State Records power house, The Overseer. We talked about the new record, the band’s van getting broken into, to which rap artist they would like to tour with.

IVM: First things first, how did you guys meet and get started?
Darren King: Met in our local music scene. The other three needed a guitarist for
they’re new project so I started learning how to fill that position.

Does the band name have any special meaning to you guys?
DK:To be completely honest it’s in a line from a Rage against the machine song
and we all just really liked it.  We’ve had fans tell us what it means to
them and I think that’s cool. As long as it’s a positive thing I want
people to figure out what it means to them personally and hold on to that.

What is the main goal the band wishes to accomplish throughout your career?
DK:To just write honest music that we’re all into. I feel as long as we keep
creating honest art that we enjoy then we’ll be happy with the band.
Hopefully others enjoy it too.

What bands are your biggest influences? I know you get compared to
Underoath a lot, how does that make you feel?
DK:I think underoath was a great band that never settled for being a stagnant
band. They were always growing as musicians. If we can be compared to that
ill take it as a compliment.
Bands I’m strongly influenced by, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Deftones, U2 and
Nine Inch Nails.

How was the process of shopping around for labels? Why did you guys decide
to choose Solid State?
DK:Its not fun. Haha!
We had a good number of talks with other labels but for whatever reason
either they didn’t feel comfortable with pulling the trigger or we didn’t.
Lots of wasted time there. Ha!
Solid State just felt right.  Everyone was on board with what we wanted for
The Overseer and we liked how they handled business.  It’s been a good
relationship thus far.

From what I understand, when your van was broken into demos you guys were
working on were on some computers you had. Did you try to recreate the
lost songs when you went to write new demos, or did you start from
DK:I could remember about half of them. We salvaged those. The rest are gone.
But I figure if I can’t remember them they probably weren’t good enough to

What was the fan response like when you reached out for financial help
after the robbery?
DK:Great!!  Our fan base isn’t the widest but it sure is deep. We had lots of
help in a situation that we needed.  Thank you again.

How was the recording process for “Rest & Let Go” compared to “We Search,
We Dig”? Did a tighter timetable for writing help or put more pressure on
DK:The recording process was great. Went back to Glow in the Dark with Matt
and it was even more comfortable than the last. It’s like working with a
friend cause that just what he’s become to us.
There was more pressure this time around, but I think it only made us work
that much harder.  Nothing like a good challenge.

Did you guys try to change your sound up on the new record, or were you
aiming to just mature your previous sound?
DK:I think we’ve all matured as people(maybe not much) so naturally our taste
in music did too.
There’s a lot of diversity on this record, a lot of stuff that’s not
“heavy” (or at least what people think heavy is these days) and that’s
something we’ve always wanted to do more of we just finally got to show our
true colors.

Being a graphic designer, some of our readers and myself included are
interested in the art direction for the new album. It’s got a pretty
creepy vibe to it, does that tie into the lyrical content at all? Also who
did the album art for “Rest & Let Go”?
DK:Jordan Butcher from Work of Self did the art.
Yeah, the record is lyrically based around death and the life within it so
there are some very “ghostly” vibes on the record. I think Jordan nailed

On the same note, where does the eye logo come from? Have you ever
received any flak for having an eye as a logo? Here at IVM we are no
stranger to having people accuse us of Illuminate association with our eye
DK:Oh yeah. We’ve had people tell us we’re part of the illuminati (which is
news to me) and that we support homosexual rights and all sorts of stuff.
People will say and think what they want but when it comes down to it all
it is is talk and opinions.  Which is funny to me.

You guys have been on some pretty big tours this past year. Do any
particular moments stick out to you from the tours that will stay with you
the rest of your life?
DK:I have the worst memory when it comes to anything outside of music.  I
think I’ve just clogged it up with songs. Haha!
It’s always the little stuff that stays with me. Friendships, talks, little
hangs and stuff like that.  Makes for boring stories but great memories.

What is your favorite part of touring?
DK:Probably the long drives and setting up/ tearing down gear  😉

Conversely, what’s the worst part of being on the road?
DK:Everyday can easily become exactly the same.  Yes I just referenced NIN.

What keeps you motivated through the tough times of being out on the road?
DK:My friends and band mates.

How do you find time to mature spiritually when on the road?
DK:The same as when I’m home.
Nothing changes spiritually when you’re gone you’re just physically in a
different.  I mean it’s hard to stay spiritually mature when I’m on the
road, but it’s hard when I’m home too.  If it’s something that’s important
you’ll find time to work on it.

What 3 things have you guys learned from being a young, touring band?
DK:That were dumber than we think, more blessed than we know and take it for
granted to often.

What have you been reading, watching, listening to lately?
DK:Not a big reader… When I do force myself to read it’s usually the bible.
(How Christian of me, huh? Ha)

What does 2014 hold for The Overseer?
DK:Touring in support of the new record and hopefully some other cool stuff
we’re in talks about.

David M would like to know: If you guys have the chance to tour with any
rapper, who would it be?
DK:Well David, I don’t really listen to rap but I’d have to say probably Jay-Z
unless Justin Timberlake can count.

Which band member gets most annoying on the road?
DK:Hmmm…  I don’t really know. So that probably means it’s me. Ha

Do you have any cool stories about how your music has impacted your fans?
DK:We had people tell us anything from “it’s made my day better” to “it’s kept
me from taking my own life” and other things in between. I’m just glad that
our music is doing something for people that could never do personally and
that bigger than just us. It’s an honor.

Favorite food spots around the country?
DK:Cookout, del taco, taco johns, king of the sea, Mesa pizza. The list could
on and on.

What is your opinion of Walmart?
DK:We live in the home town of Walmart, so….  What do you think? Ha

What is your guilty pleasure pop artist?
DK:Justin Timberlake for sure. So freakin good!

Do you have any dirt on August Burns Red?
DK:Tons of dirt. All of the dirt. More dirt than your shovel can hold.
But that’s none of your business 😉

Any last words to our readers here at IVM?
DK:Thanks to anyone who has ever supported us in anyway.  Give the new record
a listen and let us know what you think.

Be sure to check out “Rest & Let Go”, the newest effort from The Overseer where fine music is sold.