The Color Morale

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Recently, had a chance to sit down with The Color Morale and discuss faith, controversy, life on the road and yes, the upcoming record that many fans on anticipating. See what Garret had to say after the band, Baltimore show of the Fire and Ice Tour with We Came as Romans, Emmure  & more.

The Color Morale is an interesting name. Can you tell us where this originated from?

It was a title that says what the band’s mission statement is and states what the band does.

Both of your albums, We All Have Demons and My Devil in Your Eyes, remind the listener of hell. What is the story behind these titles?

Each song was written for a reason and has its own story; its own identity in itself. If you go to, there’s a track-by-track for each song. Otherwise, I’d be here like ten hours (haha).

2012 seems to be the year of music. When will we hear new stuff from The Color Morale?

We’re writing write now. Hopefully, have a new album late 2012. We’re just kind of throwing ideas together right now.

My Devil in Your Eyes was heavier than Demons, so does this mean that the new album will be heavier than Devil?

It’s going to be really diverse. There are going to be tracks that are completely singing. There are going to be tracks that are all really fast, almost grindy. It’s going to be a very diverse record.

You guys have been on the road quite a bit lately. How does constant touring make a difference in writing new tunes?

It creates new life experiences, left and right.  Being a touring band is a test in faith.  It very aggressively bends you to a certain direction.  It tests the reason you’re out here doing it.

What are your plans as far as touring this summer?

We have stuff planned for the rest of the year. We can’t announce any of it yet.

How do you keep up with your faith on the road?

Daily, you have new opportunities and new obstacles. It’s definitely a hard place to be on the road. It’s a filthy place to be sometimes. You have to be confident in who you are and why.

As far as music goes, what is the band’s influence on writing musically and vocally?

Life. I write all the lyrics for the band. So things that I’ve been through or struggle with to this day become our lyrics. Our band writes to tell stories that I’ve gone through to help others through their obstacles.

As far as lyrics go, what scriptures inspire you or what biblical influences help your writing?

I don’t know if I have any biblical stories that I use as lyrical content. There is a track on the second album called “Fill; Avoid”, it was written spontaneously after I read a verse in Genesis. “Hope’s Anchor” is a song that is derived from a Hebrews verse:  “may hope be the anchor of my soul.

When, My Devil in Your Eyes, was released a lot of controversy because you guys are a Christian Band.

We don’t label ourselves a Christian band.

Okay, so you guys are faith based band. You guys received some flack for using the word “damned” from the Christian community.

Let me explain something:  The word “damned” is in the Old Testament. In the context of King James, words like “damned”, “damnation” or “damn” were not written as profane words. It was a transition word from Old Testament to New Testament. Man took the words “damned”, “damnation” and “damn” and made them curse words. I wrote something lyrical in this context. The lyric is: “it’s not one damned thing after another, its one damned thing over and over.” We are condemned and this is how we learn. I wrote that because I wanted Christians to give me flack and judge me for saying something that, in society’s context, is now taken as a curse word. In actuality, it is derived from Old Testament. The reason I wrote it is the point. I love when people question that because I can write them a nine paragraph response and explain this to them. This is why I wrote it, for the fact that you’re judging and condemning me, something that has no basis and what is wrong. That’s why I don’t wanna be labeled a Christian band. I don’t want to sell faith as a gimmick.

Now, you guys still to this day get back lash from this?

Always, yeah.  There’s probably been like three dozen times on our Facebook page. Every time I see it, I message them personally and explain to them. Their response is always: “I never really understood that” or “I never really looked at it that way.” So thank you for explaining. I would never say anything to offend. I would never say a cuss word from stage or write it in a lyrical content. There is no reason to. If I could chose a word, I’d rather chose something positive.