The Apathy Eulogy

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The Apathy Eulogy
After seeing this fine acoustic band twice, and reviewing their CD, I sent them some questions and they were cool enough to answer all of them for us. And while somehow I missed that they had actually answered them, I finally found it today, so enjoy and more importantly go to their myspace and enjoy their music.

Who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Rob Kelly. Self proclaimed “breaker-of-strings”. I also play guitar and sing.

Who else is in your band, and what do they do?

Ben Brown, guitar and vocals, and Brian Curlee, Box.

Who writes the music and who writes the lyrics?

With the exception of a phrase or two, I write all the lyrics. I also write the music for the songs. Then it all comes to the table and we work out the bugs.

There are four members listed on your myspace, but the picture only shows three. Who is Nigel?

He’s our sweet mannequin (t-shirt model) brah! He get’s all the ladies.

How did you guys meet and what made you decide to start making music together?

Brian and I were friends, and we instantly gelled because of how well the box compliments an acoustic guitar. We played a few shows together….. about forty, until we met Ben who was churning out smash hits with his old band ‘Skylark Grafitti”. We flat out stole him.

Have any of you ever been in other bands?

Recently I left my side project, ‘Avelyn’. Brian and I first played together in a band called ‘Hamilton’. Before that I was in ‘Emmaus’ and ‘the Modern Epic’. Ben played in ‘Skylark G’ for several years.

Who are some of your major influences?

We listen to everything from ‘Fear Before the March of Flames’ to ‘Damien Rice’. As long as it’s good… I suppose everything is an influence, but our vocals are said to be remeniscent of ‘Taking Back Sunday’ or ‘Dashboard Confessional’. We definately use a lot of alternate tunings and similar chords as Chris Carrabba.

What would your dream tour be?

I would love tour with Chris….. or ‘Bayside’ acoustic!

What’s been your most memorable show experience so far?

We’ve had so many crucial moments. Haha, it can get intense. Best memory: CD release in March. Everyone was diggin’ it.

What role does your faith play in your music?

Our CD is called ‘Things hoped for, Things unseen” which is the essence of faith as defined in the book of Hebrews. Although we write about all types of relationships and situations, a lot of our themes center around biblical truth.

Is The Apathy Eulogy looking to get signed? If so, what type of labels
would you be interested in?

We’re definately hunting for label support. We’ve spoken to a few labels, but haven’t received any tempting offers yet. We want to make sure we get good distrubution, strong support, and a label with connections. We want to tour 24-7.

The cover art for your album “Things Hoped For, Things Unseen” is
pretty sweet. Who designed it?

Ben. He and Brian are both quite the artists. He spent hours meticulously mapping it out.

Do you secretly play air guitar to Metallica in your bedroom?

Who doesn’t!??!

Looking at your band picture, I’m sure all of the ladies (and some of the dudes) who read this will want to know, are any of you remotely

Actually, all of us are currently in relationships. (love you sweetie!)

After the show Friday night you mentioned that the three of you share an appartment. Does that put a lot of stress on the band, or does it make you better?

Yes and Yes. We spend so much time together we can grate on each other’s nerves. It forces us to work stuff out and practice a little selflessness every once in a while.

When can fans look for the next release from The Apathy Eulogy?

We hit the studio in September, so look for it hopefully by December or early January. We’re planning on making this next release quality material.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Anything you’d like to say in closing?

Peace and love…

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