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1. Who is currently in the band? There have been some member changes, right?
The members right now are Ron Poggione on vocals, John Angle jr on bass, Scott Weisenborn on guitars, Chuck Hernandez on drums. The only change we had was a drummer change 2 years ago.

2. Describe Testify to people who may not be overly familiar with the band.? If you had to draw a comparisons to other bands, but how would you describe the band’s sound?

Chuck: I think you will hear several influences of older and modern Metal. The sound is heavy with lyrics that are very clear and prominent.

John: If you want to compare to other bands I would say: Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Dio, Disturbed, and maybe even Korn.

3. You are unashamed of your faith and your lyrics often reflect that. How important is the Christian aspect of the band? Do you consider Testify to be a ministry?

Chuck: The Christian aspect is paramount to playing full time in any band. We all share a common goal to reach the lost 1 ear at a time through music with a positive message. I think as such that our music does become ministry. We never know who is going to listen and be encouraged by the songs and lyrics.

John: I never thought I would be a part of a ministry, but I guess I am.

4. Tell us about your new album 24:27, what can we expect from it?

Chuck: 24:27 is the culmination of work created by Testify over several years. The message could be interpreted as a “turn or burn” reality of humankind. But, it is our intent to paint a picture of the sinful state of man. From first believing and acknowledging our sinful state without Christ; being bound in a sinners cage we are truly nothing without Him. We are quickened by God’s Holy Spirit and our eyes are opened. God purifies the poison well within us from which we were blind in sin and could not see. As new Christians as well as old, we are often lifted off the ground as we stumble and learn to become more like Christ. We once were blind in our sin and broken from within, but God truly is a God of second chances. Yes, we are reborn or born again as we receive God’s gift of salvation. His mercies shine down upon us as a white light, exposing and cleansing us anew. Now, we walk in the light and put away the old man as our sacrifice. We proclaim our new found salvation. With this awakening we must stand and be counted and shout out to the World that Jesus Christ is the one and only savior who resurrected and is alive and well. There is a day of judgment and reckoning for surly Christ will come down from the sky above as lightning flashes from the east to the west. He will gather his elect from the four winds. Are you ready?

I would expect a good healthy dose of exciting Metal with vocals that can be understood and appreciated.

5. What would you say are your musical influences?

Chuck: Metal, Gospel, Funk, Latin and contemporary jazz. Niko McBrain, David Garibaldi, Neil Peart and William Kennedy are my most influential artists.

John: Geezer Butler, Steve Harris.

Scott: Tony Iommi, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Reb Beach. Zac Wylde.

Ron: Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, Ronnie James Dio.

6. How did the recording go on this album?

Chuck: It went very well overall with the typical delays that happen. I am very happy with the final results.

John: How can something be fun, hard, maddening, and also very rewarding all rolled up into one.

Scott: I love being in the studio and the end result is very rewarding.

7. Are you on a label, Or are you looking for one?
All: We are looking for one, and we believe this cd will open some eyes.

8.Will you be playing any live shows this year?
Yes, we plan on playing as much as possible and we are playing Cornerstone in July.

9. Tell our readers about Jesus, why should they care?
Chuck: We as Christians know that the unbeliever SHOULD care because WE know that there is a day of judgment. It is the unbeliever who must bring their heart and mind to the realization that there may be life after death and a eternal judgment. It is impossible for anyone to say 100% without a doubt that heaven and hell does not exist. So, knowing about Jesus’ sacrifice for us is something to care about. Unbelievers have this misconception about Hell and say “I want to go there and party”. Demons don’t want to be any where near Hell even today, what makes people believe this is a great place to be? Jesus is the ONLY way for us to be saved from this place created for Lucifer and his demons, not humans. The best part is, salvation is a free gift from God.

John: I firmly believe that we are living in the last days and we need to witness to as many people as possible before it is simply to late.

10..Thanks again for taking the time Guys. Any final thoughts?
Thanks for the interview Dale, see you in July


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