Sons Of God

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Could you tell me who the members of the band are, and what they do in the band? 

John Burton, the foreigner, I say that because he moved here to Oklahoma from Georgia about a month ago. John plays “tasty” guitar  melodies, keys, and is the other primary songwriter. Zachary Wurzbach (Rippy McShrederton) plays bass and rules. And then there is myself, I’m the primary songwriter and I sing, play guitar, keys, and percussion in the band. Right now we have a couple of awesome other fellas that will be playing with us live, but for now it’s just us three.

How did Sons Of God come about?
Sons of God came about after I had left The Tide, I had an opportunity to go play with As I Lay Dying so of course I took it and that didn’t last as long as I hoped. So after that, I was tired of going from band to band so I decided I’d start my own band. I did a tour with So Long Forgotten filling in on guitar, and right after that returned home and started Sons. It was a little over a year before everything really started coming together. 

What is the mission of your band, where do you want to take it?
Honestly, the mission is something we adopted when we began working with our label; living more simply allows us to give far more generously. To fight poverty and injustice through mercy and love. We will be partnering with established charities in voicing awareness to a youth demographic. With Sons we feel the sky is the limit, nothing seems crazy or farfetched and we have every intention of pursuing every avenue available to us in the future. Our ministry exists in unison with the music, our lives outside of music, and everything in between and we are equally devoted to both. 

From listening to the songs on your myspace it sounds like there are a lot of varied influences you pull from. Who would you consider to be the band’s biggest inspirations/influences?
Our influences are so vast, and I know most bands say that but for us it’s like, I could be influenced by a band I don’t even like or a score for a movie if it’s something I heard and it sparked something in me to write. I know for myself, Queen has always been one of my favorite bands of all time because they had this BIGNESS to them, this epic sound and image and that’s really what we want to portray in our music. If it’s Epic, we love it, and at the risk of sounding pretentious we definitely want to, at least, sound epic. 

What would you say has been the most difficult struggle the band has had to deal with?
I’d say getting the members in place. When I began the “idea” of Sons of God, I wanted it to be like a family. I didn’t want to just pick up musicians that were talented, I wanted to play with people I considered brothers. On top of all that, I really desired for the guys to love Jesus, and I feel extremely blessed to say that each member, the additional musicians, and our crew really love Jesus and want to be like him. 
How can people get your music?

Well, right now the only means we have is we are offering a free download of “It Takes A Thief” on our iLike site. I want to make it understood that we really want people to have our music, but we’ve made a pact that the next music we release will be our full-length because I’m tired of feeling like I’m just giving bits and pieces and not only that but the songs available are still just demo’s. So, I’m really looking forward to being able to release something we are very proud of and it will all be available FREE in digi-pak format if you want it. Hopefully in the future I can share some more details about that.

What are the bands future plans regarding touring, albums etc?
Well right now we are writing our full-length, and we have plans of hitting the studio at the end of May to begin recording. We have some good ideas about our touring situation, but that too will come in the summer after the record is complete but rest assured we will FINALLY be hitting the road; it’s been a long time coming. Other than that, we just want to keep being available to people that listen to us, and just let people know that they are loved. Maybe it’s weird to hear a band say that, but we definitely exist based on something much more than ourselves and that’s exactly why I believe Sons will be around for a very long time to come.
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