See The Light

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So I was assigned to do a interview with one of Come & Live‘s newest bands See The Light. This band hails from southern California, and is helping spread the Spirit-Filled core to the masses. After digging up all the dirt I could find, and getting moved in to my new apartment . I emailed their drummer Teddy Ramirez. So here are some hard hitting questions with some heavier hitting answers.

For the other 3,000 people that don’t know who you are, can you tell us some brief history about See The Light?

Teddy: We began back in ‘05 with the drummer and keyboardist jamming in a garage. It took a while before it became a more serious project. Guitarists Taylor and Kevin joined the group in late ‘06 and with the original line up we began playing a few local shows, including Camp Sugar Pine a few years in a row. Through a few line up changes we solidified into the group that was on Father, This is For You and Maranatha. We went on 2 summer tours (‘09, ‘10) going around the states. In that time we had then teamed up with Come&Live! and rereleased Maranatha on their site. After our summer ‘10 tour, Mikey had decided to part ways with the band and we began our new musical direction which led to Tepid. We have had a rough couple of years since then due to members in school and career jobs. We are so thankful for what the Lord has given us and the opportunities we have had with this band and hope to keep this ministry alive for years to come.

Here is a IVM readers question. Why did your pianist/keyboardist leave & why didn’t you ‘hire’ a new pianist/keyboardist?

Teddy: He went on to do a different ministry up in northern California working with special needs kids.

When I went to your Facebook to do my research on the band. I found that you guys do not a music player like Root Music or Reverb Music to have people listen to your music. Why did you guys decide against a music player?

Teddy: We have had some issues signing up for an account that allows the music player. I personally haven’t been able to get it working so I assume that was the issue with the rest of the guys who have tried uploading music. We don’t know why it isn’t working!

You guys have a style of music that is very popular right now. Besides being a Christian band, what sets your band apart?

Teddy: I don’t know how different we are to other people, we just write music based on how we feel at the moment and how God is speaking to us on our lives at that moment. We aren’t really sure how it will all come together during the process. We don’t make it a goal to be different.  

You guys raised all the money for your first record with Come & Live Tepid . Was this your guys first time using Indiegogo to raise funds for the band?

Teddy: This was our first time using this method. We thought it would be a nice idea for us and have some cool opportunities for the fans to play a part in the process. In return, we put the album out for free and had a variety of packages for donations.

How has the response been for

Teddy: So far we have had mostly good feedback from people. Only a few dissatisfied kids who can’t grow out of the keyboard sound. We really love how the album came out. The sounds, the music, the feedback-all has been a real blessing to us and we want to thank our fans for being supportive through our complete sound change and new direction with this ministry.

What is the band’s plans for the rest of the spring and upcoming summer tour season looking like?

Teddy: Gods plans! Our own plans are nuts right now. We will continue to be open to the possibilities for our future!

Besides being in See The Light. What do you guys do for a living (i.e. school, work)?

Teddy: Bear is a designer for Neff Headwear and a freelance designer on the side. Set to be married this July!
Shadi works at MindBody full time, and is set to be married in August!
Kevin is attending Cal Poly, and works early mornings at UPS!
Taylor is attending SF State full time, and is doing really well.
I lives in LA. I just graduated music school, and am working as a musician in the area.

If you guys could realistically pick what three bands you would want to be on tour with. Who would those bands be?

Teddy: Kenny G, Slipknot, The Ghost Inside.

Being from California the home of the Spirit-Filled movement. Who are some bands that we may or may not have heard of should check out?

Teddy: Being As An Ocean, Promise of Restoration, Phinehas, The Honey Trees, Silent Panet

These days everyone would say bands like For Today or Sleeping Giant are a influence or are a inspiration to their band. What are some older bands that influence or inspire you guys as a band from your style of music or ministry?

Teddy: Definitely those two. Also: Figure Four, Living Sacrifice, Project 86, Blindside, Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, Benea Reach, Extol, Selfmindead, The Bled, Hammock, Demon hunter, Enya, Impending Doom. To say the least.

I know you guys on the west coast have some killer food joints. As a band where do you guys like to eat at and bro down the most? On a side note what is better Del Taco or In & Out? Is there some food joints that beat these two growing California staples of perfection?

Teddy: T bell and In n Out are great! Del taco, not so much. They’re good but you can’t beat In n Out.
Chubby Chandlers Pizza in Paso Robles is one of the best pizza places of my life.

Like every band on Come & Live! you can pay what you want for See The Light’s record Tepid here