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Email interview with Geoff Hunker, vocalist, guitarist, and founder of Satellites & Sirens. The band’s new EP, All We Need Is Sound, is available now on Word/Warner Bros.


First off, since you’ll be new to most of our readers, can you give a short back story of the band.

Satellites & Sirens has been an idea for 2 years now, I (Geoff) started working on music back then with a producer named Rusty Varenkamp, and we started writing and recording then. When it was time for a band I went to Craig’s List. I put up an add looking for members and had an audition. Jonathan Dimmel our now drummer showed up and blew me away, and the rest of the band came through people and connections he had. We all had a foot in the 80’s and loved bands like JIMMY EAT WORLD and DEATH CAB, so we all got along great and had similar vision for where and what S&S would become.

Do your best to give a good description of your band’s sound.

We have a modern rock band sound with a lot of loops and beats and 80’s synth influence.

Who are your bands biggest influences?

The 80’s, Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab, Postal Service, and pop music in general!

How did you guys end up signing with Word Records (Point of Grace, Mark Schultz)?

The producers we were working with (Rusty Varenkamp, Jason Ingram) had a great relationship with one of Word’s A&R guys Conor Farley. Conor was always looking for something a little outside of the box, and really took a liking to our earlier demos and he took a chance on us!

Your debut digital EP, All We Need Is Sound, released last week. How have people been responding to the songs so far?

So far we have had great feedback, people have felt that there is a good mix of styles in the songs and we can’t wait for EP number 2 coming out in October! Personally the next 3 songs are my favorite!!!

Has “Take It Back” been sent to radio yet? If so, how’s it doing?

“Take Me Back” has been sent to radio and is doing well, we have had a great number of adds so far and I get texts and email almost daily from someone hearing it!!

VideoRocket recently debuted your brand new video for “Take It Back”. Have you heard any fan response to the video? Who did you film that with?

So far people are digging it!! We did this video with Caleb Kuhl, who also has done all of our photos and packaging!

Was that your first video? How did the video shoot go?

Yes this was our first video, and it was a blast!! We had a great time shooting it and it was a great experience!

You also have another EP releasing on October 6th called, Breaking The Noise. Is this another digital EP or will it be a physical release? Will it contain any of the 3 songs on All We Need Is Sound?

It will be another digital EP, we will have hard copies for shows! It will be 3 new songs and have another music video. The full record will be in stores early 2010!

Any upcoming tours or tour dates in support of the new album(s) that we should take note of?

We have a lot of one off dates coming up and we will playing Night Of Joy in Sept. at Disney World!

Pick the top 3 bands that you’d really like to tour with if you could.

We would love to tour with Jars Of Clay, Paper Route, and Toby Mac!!!

Do you view S&S as a ministry or do you view it more as simply a band made up of Christians?

We are for sure a ministry!!! We all feel God has called us to be doing this, and will always let people know why we play music!

Looking back, a long time from now, what will you have wanted to accomplish with the band?

I want people to know Christ, and I pray that I can look back at this and feel that God was glorified through the things we did as a band!

Before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Our next EP is out October 6th and the songs on this one are my favorite!!!

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