Nick Moore formerly of Before Their Eyes

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So with all the swirling rumors of you leaving or being kicked out of BTE, you want to set the record straight?
First off, thanks to you guys for taking the time to do this interview. To set the record straight, it was a mutual agreement between the band and I to split. I was not happy with the direction that our management was taking us. It had nothing to do with the guys in the band or not getting along because I love them all and we are still friends.

Was this something that just came out of nowhere or had it been building for a while?
Our management would tend to say that it had been building up but in my eyes it came out of nowhere.  If it was building up then the band probably wouldn’t have just recorded a new album and released it with my voice on it.

An issue they really pounded me on was when we go on tour I always made a little more money than the rest of the guys because of the simple fact I do have a family to support now. If the money wasn’t there or we were in the hole, I wouldn’t take anything (this was the case most of the time) and God would always make a way for ends to meet. The management got into the heads of all the band members and kind of turned us more into a business and made them believe that I wasn’t right for the band anymore because of that. That is not the main reason I’m not in the band because I would have made things work financially to be in the band (like I have for the past 4 years).

My main reason for not wanting to be a part of BTE was our overall direction. If we are going to write a rock record – we needed to support it with rock tours. We were playing metal tours (like we pretty much always have) where our new music plays no relevance. There was no change in that aspect coming anytime in the near future. That was a big problem with me.

In closing on this particular topic, I have no beef with our management as people, I just don’t agree with the way that I was treated and the direction they were taking our band. You can’t fault the guys in the band at all, because I trusted them with our direction at first also.

How frustrating has it been since you just released an album?
It’s been very frustrating and was a really hard thing to accept because I put A LOT of time into before their eyes and into this new album. I started Before Their Eyes and it really sucks having someone take over your project and kind of push you out of the picture.

What are some of your most memorable moments from BTE?
Oh man , there are so many. I loved the Canadian tour we went on a couple months ago, that was such a great experience. My favorite tour was the Silverstein tour in the spring 2009. I pretty much got to meet and play with all the bands I grew up listening to, what more can you ask for? BTE was an amazing experience for me and I don’t regret a single second of it.

What does the next chapter of Nick Moore hold?
I’ve been keeping really busy with my label ( ) – we have a lot of REALLY big things happening right now. I am also writing some solo music – It’s going to be something a little different and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

When might we hear some of your new project?
I’m hoping to have a couple songs up this summer. Just writing a lot right now, I’m in no big hurry.

Who are some of your musical influences?
I listen to about every genre of music there is. Right now I’m really big on country music. I have had all the Miranda Lambert albums on repeat for like 2 months now. She is amazing.

How does your faith play into your music?
Faith plays a huge role in my music. My faith is my life so you know it’s going to shine through the lyrics I write. The first before their eyes album was probably the most spiritual album to date. I like to mix things up a little and I try to keep my song ideas fresh with what is going on in my life.