Meet Moshe Dayan

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What is the meaning behind “Moshe Dayan”?

In short, Moshe Dayan was an Israeli military leader and politician. Over the years he became a fighting symbol for Israel. Most notably he led Israel to success during the Six Day War. We like what he stood for, he was a very complicated and controversial man; his opinions were always black and white.

How long have you guys been playing together?

We formally started playing together in the late summer of 08’. We scheduled our first show on November 22, 2008 with Hollywood Undead, which gave us a deadline to write a set.

Who are your musical influences?

Collectively, we have a wide range of musical influences, probably to many to list. I know that there are bands that we’ve been compared to such as; Underoath, Muse, Killswitch Engage, Norma Jean, Oh Sleeper and Haste the Day. And to be compared to these bands is an honor because I know all of us love those bands and listen to them on a daily basis.

Do you consider your self a band or a ministry?

Both. Our band is just a tool for us to share the Gospel.

Who have you guys shared the stage with?

Hmmm… Hollywood Undead, Haste the Day, Inhale Exhale, Emarosa, Sky Eats Airplane, Ivoryline, IN:Aviate, Conditions,  As Blood Runs Black, Impending Doom, Bleeding Through, The Acacia Strain, Killwhitnydead, The Demonstration, Wretched, Damiera, and A Plea For Purging.  We are booking shows heavily right now in support of our debut “Prophets & Liars” out in April.

What can someone expect to experience at a Moshe Dayan show?

From what we’ve heard it’s somewhat of a cross between riding a roller coaster and getting punched by Mike Tyson.  But seriously, we expect that everyone know what we are up on stage for. We are not a band that will shove the Gospel down your throat by ‘fire and brimstone’ preaching but no doubt you will know that we are playing for Jesus. Our message is this, that our success is solely based on the direction God has for us. We are just six dudes that are being used to spread the love of Christ by the tool that was given to them. We believe that God has given us the ability to reach people through the talent He has blessed us with. We are not better than the next band; we definitely don’t believe that just because we stand behind our faith strongly we should be given any special treatment. But what we are doing is not anything different than what YOU (anyone) can do. We just know this is the path that God has set for us.


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