Least of These

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I had the chance to interview up-and-coming Denton, Texas alternative rock band, Least of These, via email. Keep reading to check out what they had to say about their plans for new music and their touring schedule!

What is the meaning behind the name Least of These?
We get our name from Matthew 25:40, where Jesus said that whatever we do for the least of these brothers then we do for Him. We consider ourselves the literal “least of these.” We are 4 guys who have simply been given talents and abilities to use for His glory.

Could you give us a quick history of the band?
It all started out as a solo project by Josh Weir in early 2010. After searching for members for almost a year, he met TJ Collins through a Bible study at a mutual friend’s house. Two months later, TJ approached Kyle Ramsey at their home group about joining the band. The following month, we played our first show with Tyler Collins as a fill-in lead guitar player. Since that show, the four of us have been writing and playing together.

What are some of your favorite tracks from your most recent album More Than Conquerors and why?
“Imitators” would definitely be the most fun song to play live. However, “Filthy Man” holds the most meaning to us.

Yes, I really like your song “Filthy Man.” What was your inspiration for that song?
Josh wrote that song in light of a very dark time in his life, so the song is a testament to that time. No matter how far we run away from Christ and think we can do things on our own, He is right there holding us in His hands, calling for us to come back. We were once filthy, but by His grace we have been made clean.

Are there any plans in the works for a full length album anytime soon?
Actually, yes! We are in the middle of writing our first full-length album now! It is still untitled and we will be releasing more information when the time comes. We will be posting studio updates on our Facebook, which is www.facebook.com/weareleastofthese. This will definitely be a more mature and more well-written Least of These album. We are so thankful for our producers: Dale Williams, Geoff Rockwell, and Zack Kuykendall.

Who are a few of your musical influences?
As Cities Burn. Thrice. O’ Brother. So Long Forgotten. Ascend the Hill. My Epic. mewithoutYou.

What are your current tour plans and where can fans find out about them?
We will resume touring and playing shows early 2012 as we near the completion of our full-length album. We will be announcing news and videos on our Facebook. Be on the lookout for tour dates in Texas and the surrounding states. There are some big things happening and God continues to bless us throughout it all.

Who are some bands you would enjoy touring with?
Oh boy, what a fun question! We would love the chance to play with bands that have influenced us, such as mewithoutYou, My Epic, and O’ Brother.

What are some of your favorite activities when you’re not touring or making music?
We spend a lot of our time at the University of North Texas, where we are all currently studying. TJ plays basketball, baseball, and tennis, and enjoys hanging out with his friends and family. Tyler plays tennis and loves serving his local church and friends. Kyle is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. Josh is big into drawing, painting, and video gaming!

Thanks so much to Least of These for taking the time to answer these questions for our readers here at Indie Vision Music! Check out my review of their album, More Than Conquerors, here.

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