Justin Morgan (Phat Chance, Stereo Motion, Exodus)

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Justin Morgan is a talented writer and instrumentalist.   Justin used to play the bass for the rock band Stereo Motion.  He also lived in Nashville, Tenessee as a song writer for BMI Publishing.  He has been to 47 states and five countries.  Currently, Justin is a student at Liberty University studying literature and expository writing.  He is also a journalist for the Libert University school newspaper.  He currently plays in the campus band Exodus.In this exclusive interview we will learn more about Justin’s musical experience, his advice to start up bands, and what some of his future plans are.

Personal Music experience

Tell me about your musical experience.
I started playing violin in 1st grade. I got bored with that and picked up the alto saxophone in 5th grade and played up until 11th grade. I started playing bass guitar in 8th grade and from there slowly picked up acoustic guitar and drums. I started to teach myself piano when I was 20 years old. I traveled in a band, Stereo Motion, for four years (previous called Phat Chance). The traveling, recording, and writing with that group gave me the most experience.

What do you like most about being in a band?
The interaction with people. PLaying music produces an automatic opportunity or outlet to relate to people and strike up conversation. Music brings people together.

What do you like least about being in a band?
Musicians are easily stereotyped or labeled as just a musician or artist. Sometimes people can’t see a musician outside of their role in a band. They make it his or her identity.

Tell me about some funny occurences while on tour.
Running around in the snow in Canada wearing only swimming trunks.

What has been your favorite band to play in?

What do youl like most about music?
It’s power to move the heart.

What is your favorite type of music?
I really enjoy pop music (slick, polished, well-produced music)

What are your favorite bands?

Although U2 does not necessarily fall in the genre of slick and polished pop music, they are my favorite band of all time.
I also love Peter Gabriel, Delirious, Rich Mullins, Newsboys, and Annie Lenox.

Do you have a favorite musical instument?


How are things going with Exodus?

Are you tourig this summer?
Maybe. It is in the works.


What advice would you give to those who want to pursue a career in music?

You must have a unique calling and passion for music. It is a competitve and challenging field, so one must have a true calling and passion for music and the ministry that can be done through it. Oh, and it’s also good to be talented.

What type of mind set should a start up band have?
Must have a unified vision and goal for the sound and purpose of the band. The band must know who they are and what market or audiece they are going to target.

What mistake do start up band often make?
Lack of unity, vision, and talent.

What can musicians do to keep their integrity while on tour?
Accountabilty. Constant dialogue with a trusted friend.
Time alone with God to pray, listen, and learn.

The Future

What are you going to do after you are finished with Exodus?
I have no idea. I’d love to teach English at a university.

What are some of your immediate goals?
Know Christ more. Bring more glory to Christ.

What are some of your future goals?

Teaching english
Writing and publishing novels

To learn more about Justin visit his website: http://www.justinkeithmorgan.com/.

You can visit his band’s link here: http://www.liberty.edu/ministryteams/index.cfm?PID=7301

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