Josiah James

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E-mail interview with Josiah James. Read below for an update and discussion on his newly released EP, Oceans. Don’t forget to check out the free download of the new track, “Stringless”, here.

Since the last time we spoke you have released Chasing The Wind and recorded a new album. How was the overall reception to CTW?

Chasing The Wind was accepted by old and new fans very well. Actually better then I had even expected. With some new and old acoustic songs, plus a new full band single it offered a different side musically in retrospect to my first release, The Morning Light. Chasing The Wind is officially sold out via physical copy, and is now only available through iTunes.

Chasing The Wind was the first EP in a series of 3 limited edition releases correct? Where did you come up with the idea to release your music this way?

Yes. I honestly didn’t plan for it to originally be that way. My initial thoughts to the EP’s weren’t with the mind of an element behind it. I wanted it solely be a single and a few acoustic songs to give everyone a glimpse of my next full length/full band album I’m preparing to release late spring/early summer time. It wasn’t till I was in the writing process of the 2nd EP “Oceans”, that it would be a series with a theme behind it. I realized that some of the songs I was writing for the 2nd and 3rd ep reflected lyrically a sort of and elemental aspect behind them all.

Is there a pattern or idea behind each of the EPs and the songs on them?

There is a pattern behind it all. The first CD is kinda a mix between upbeat, positive, and fun songs. The newest is kinda more low key. The songs are deeper, tell more of a story behind them. They share of faith, struggles, shortcomings, and a picture of God’s infinite love and grace that keeps me alive each day.

Your new EP, Oceans, was released on November 2nd and is the latest in the series. Have you gotten much feedback on it yet?

Well at the moment it’s still early in the release of it. But the feedback I have gotten back has been all good so far. I’ve been getting messages on my Facebook and email of people saying the songs have helped them out and have connected with them. This is always one of my favorite things to hear. That the songs are doing there purpose by sharing Jesus, hope, and just something to let them know they’re not the only person that makes mistakes in this world.

The single “Rain” is the full band track on the EP. Can you give a little background on that song?

I remember writing Rain when I was driving through Oregon on a tour several months back. I was reflecting on worship in my life. Not exactly with music, but by my actions of following Christ. I felt I was lacking in this and I came up with a prayer for God to fill me more with him so that he would change my heart. So that I would be more like him and not at all like me. Water is an example of the holy spirit. So asking to him to rain down on me, is my way of asking him to drench me in him, till all he can see is a reflection of himself.

Do you have any touring plans in the works in support of this release?

I’m going to be doing a solo tour through the west-coast and mid-west on this release November-December. All the dates are posted on my Facebook and Myspace.

Are you already working on the last installment in the EP series? What can we expect?

I have 10+ songs so far already written and counting. I’m very happy with these songs, but that definitely won’t stop me from writing several more till I know I have the best songs for this release. The last EP will be formed around the element “Fire”. A title is still in the works, but you can expect to see a mix of the first 2 EP’s in the style of the song-writing.

Do you have a release date or time frame planned yet?

There are no set dates on the release, but expect around February/March time.

We will definitely be on the lookout for that. Thanks to Josiah for once again offering a free download to IVM. Click here to download “Stringless” from the brand new Oceans EP, available now.