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Interview with Chad from Messengers.

1. Tell us a little about the band; the origins, the sound, previous bands…

We’re a spirit-filled hardcore band from dallas, we play hardcore with a little thrash, a heavy dark sound with a hopeful message.

2. what do you guys represent?

Spirt-filled hardcore. We have a lot to say, whether it’s how Christians are treated or what political issues bother us.

3. is there a responsibility that comes with being a “Christian band”?

Definitely. You never know who is watching (everyone). We try as hard as possible to be Christ-like.

4. the kids these days seem to be down with dance-beats and auto-tune, is there a scene/market for thrash hardcore?

Oh yeah, for sure. It’s one of the few styles of music that is real, so much music is just superficial. People like real music.

5. seems like there are more and more bands out there trying to make it these days with the digital age and DIY recording/touring, how do you guys plan to stand out from the crowd?

Well, as hard as it is to do right now all we can do is try to be real and hope that someone notices. It helps to be a part of Strike First, though.

6. how is the scene in Texas? seems like a ton of bands coming out of there, does that help or hinder you guys?

Help! The scene in Texas is thriving again and we are glad to be able to see it grow and possibly be a part of that. We have a tough scene a lot of good heavy music.

7. do you guys try to stay with the same characters on Mario Party, or do you like to switch it up?

SAME, I (chad) am always Wario. haha

8. there are a lot of preconceived notions about hardcore music and the scene, notions about drinking and partying, anger, violence. how do you guys deal with the dark side of hardcore?

Well, we are super accepting and loving, but we stay away from [the dark side]. We are very passionate about the issues we speak of and it might come off as angry but I have had it with a lot of issues and the Bible says the violent will take it by force, so we don’t sit and watch injustice we are going to stand up for issues and maybe even change hearts, God willing.

9. what song are you guys playing for your closer?

“Anthems”. But there might be a couple of surprising songs as a finisher, too. Come to a show and find out!

10. tell me a little about the lyrical themes and ideas behind the Anthems EP?

Anthems is really a bunch of themes tied into one album. “Creation” is about the birth of my son. “Palerose” is a bash on politics song. “Anthems” is about having something to say but also being willing to listen to others. “Weight” is about not going through life all alone and relying on Christ.

11. tell us about the artwork for your EP, who created it? what’s the meaning?

The artwork was done by the Quiggle mastermind (Dave Quiggle). Actually we just gave him our lyrics and the name of the album and just let him have at it.

12. Do you guys have some tours planned for 2011?

Yes, we plan on a couple of small seasonal tours and a long summer tour.

13. what is the best way for fans to get a hold of you guys and chat you up? twitter? email? facebook?

All the social networks. We check them all. We’re on twitter but the members don’t run that, Rob does. haha

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