Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice)

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Interview with Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice.


Hey Bruce, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer questions from our readers here at Indie Vision Music.

What is the difference between what you do backstage, before and after shows and what the non-Christian bands that you tour with do during that same time?

Well for most of the bands that we have toured with, not much. The non-Christian bands that we have played with have all been pretty good dudes and clean living. Back around 1994 we did a tour with Malevolent Creation and they were really cool,  but they drank some and a few other things that I will not mention….  Ha.

What do you feel about the current Christian metal scene?

Unfortunately I am out of the loop on the current state of Christian metal. I know there are so many good bands out there now but I do not have a chance to hear much unless someone gives it to me.   Most of the metal that I find myself listening to these days is older stuff that I grew up on. Old albums or cassettes that I used to have and am now getting them in digital form. I am actually having a lot of fun doing this. A few of the newer Christian Metal that I have heard that I can mention are the new As I Lay Dying (not so new, but definitely their best),  Impending Doom (good tunes), and the new Becoming the Archetype (really good production on this one). And if anyone is in some killer metal band that I did not mention, please do not be offended, I just do not get a chance to take in a ton of music like I used to.  haha.

What made you decide to do a new album?

For me personally, I really missed writing and playing. And I missed working with Lance, Rocky and Arthur. These are some of the best dudes you will ever know in the music scene and the talent of Lance and Rocky alone is just insane. I would never be in a position to play with better, more talented dudes. I am just lucky that Lance and I had 7th grade English together. ha.

What inspires your music?

God, hopefully. And other good bands.

Is there a lyrical focus or a concept your new album is based on?

There are a couple of themes going on. The title is The Infinite Order which refers to the existence of God and the opposite idea of no God, no order of things (randomness), no significance in Man’s existence.   And then taking some of those ideas to their ultimate logical conclusions. Pretty bleak, but worth looking at if someone is considering adopting those philosophies.

Other themes have to do with what the military deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq have to face and the pressures that they are under trying to route out enemies that are not clear,  not in uniform and operating under different rules.

When are we going to have the new album playing in our CD players?

No release date yet. But I am hoping and being told by Solid State November 2009.

What are some of your favorite bands?

Ha!  Let’s see. There are a lot, a few that no longer exist. Metallica, Megadeth, Quicksand, U2, Coldplay, Shiner, The Crucified….. so many more, too many to name.

How has your faith in Christ influenced your songwriting as a musician and lyricist?

It is the biggest influence. We started as a Christian metal band in 1989 when we were 17 and 18 years old and have felt that Christ was the impetus and driving force for us to do this from the beginning.   We still feel that way today and hope that what we do is inspiring spiritually. I know as a teenager that was very young in my faith, having music that I could relate to and that glorified God was really important and made me feel like I was not alone in my faith.

How do you feel about the Christian market and bands who desire to share their faith?

I think bands that share their faith are awesome. I think each individual and band should share what is in their heart in the way that the Holy Spirit leads them. It is different for everyone though and should never be looked at as a “spiritual test”. I have seen and met a lot of hypocrites over the years, and I would rather know someone who is being real with me that does not put on a front, than someone trying to impress with how much they can talk about Jesus. I think that the ones who are not sincere are easy to spot.

Thanks Stephen.

Thank you Bruce!
God Bless

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