He Is Legend

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(picture courtesy of Reuben Wilson)

To start things off, who are you and what do you do in He Is Legend?
-I’m Schuylar and I sing.

Could you give us a brief update on what you’ve been up to lately?
-We’ve pretty much just been preparing for our headlining tour.

A month or two ago, you started pushing the movie, The Reaping, to fans. How did this come about?
-They expressed interest in having us help promote the film. I think it’s known in the industry as “Selling Out” but we figured, why not?

You also just started advertising your Virb account. Why should users convert to Virb?
-The site is just less of a fad I think. It’s really geared toward music, which is a good thing for people passionate about finding new acts.

Since the mourned leaving of McKenzie, you’ve added a new guitar player, Mitchell Marlow. How is he doing so far, adjusting to being in the band?
-It’s good. Pretty laid back…we are just excited about working on the next album. Mitch is doing a lot of studio work right now.

Have you written any new material with him yet? If so, does it sound a lot different than the last release, Suck Out the Poison?
-We haven’t really put anything down yet. We’ve just been fooling around in the practice spaces. I’m sure the new stuff is going to be phenomenal.

Speaking of your recent album, the style was obviously a lot different that I Am Hollywood, and some people apparently didn’t appreciate that, while others loved it and soaked up the controversy like the media during a presidential election. What happened that you changed so much musically, and how have you been handling the response to the record?
-I think we have always changed our style from one way to another over the years. This is just the first time we haven’t changed our name along with it. The people who don’t dig it are the people we are kind of trying to weed out anyway. I think with each fan we have lost due to the changes, another has come along & they are really interested in what we are doing.

Not too long ago, He Is Legend also did a split with Classic Case, covering each other’s
songs. What gave you such a unique idea?
-Ton’s of bands have done this in the past. We were just stoked to work together…Classic Case is one of our favorite bands.

Are you satisfied with the results of the split?
-Not with the He Is Legend tunes. But the Classic Case side rules. I think that recording came at the worst time for us. However, it’s funny to hear the comments from the fans.

I understand you’re not all Christians, but this question has become a commonplace in all my interviews lately, because I think it’s the best way we can really support a band, taking the next step beyond buying CDs and going to shows. How can we at Indie Vision Music best pray for He Is Legend?
-Prosperity, good health, safe travels, a million dollars.

Are there any other ways fans might want to support you?
-Come to our shows and have a good time. Buy the record if you dig it. We don’t ask for much.

-Which internet controversy would you rather He Is Legend be remembered for. Your admittance to liking Korn, or the massiveness of Schuylar’s beard?
-Korn all the way.

Most importantly, in a free-for-all fist fight to the death (no foreign objects, please), which member of He Is Legend would win?
-Mitch knows Kung-fu.

What potential plans can you tell us? Future tours? Upcoming CDs? Running in the ’08 election?
-Headlining tour June 14th – August 4th. Record ASAP

Thanks for the interview and for your time. Any more words to our readers?
-Listen to My Morning Jacket.

Thanks to Schuylar again for filling this out and to Nathan Mallon at Thoughts on Vinyl for helping set it up.

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