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Read an interview with Jake Gallegos, vocalist of Goldmill, below. When you read the interview you will find out, as I did, that Jake’s side project is Thin Ice (Blood & Ink). There’s no download, but hopefully I will have something soon.

First off, since you’ll be new to most of our readers, can you give a short back story of the band.

Goldmill is a melodic hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas.

Who are the various members of the band and what instruments do they play?

Jake (me)-vox, Bruce-bass, Drew-drums, Dan-guitar, Rick-guitar

Is there any significance to the name Goldmill? Why did you guys pick it?

Mickey Goldmill is Rocky’s trainer in Rock I-III

Where are you guys from? How is the music scene there?

We’re from San Antonio, Texas. The scene is good. Lots of kids are into hardcore.

Describe your overall sound.


Who are your bands biggest influences musically and lyrically?

I wrote the first EP and it’s heavily influenced by Comeback Kid. I liked the energy of their songs, so I decided to go with a similar sound. The lyrics are inspired by the Word of God and personal issues.

Do you have any albums out? If so, where can we get your music?

No full length albums out yet. We have a 5 song demo, though. If you want one, send me an e-mail:

Where did you record the songs on your Myspace?

At my house.

Was that your first time recording?

No, I’ve been recording various material for a few years.

Do you have any new material written and/or have plans to record a new album?

Yes, we have a few new songs in the works. We’ll hopefully have an album out in the next year.

Let’s talk about Goldmill’s songwriting process. Is there a main songwriter or is it a group effort?

Well like I said before, I wrote the first EP (music and lyrics). The newer stuff has been more of a group effort.

Due to the fact that you don’t seem to have many tour dates listed, I would assume Goldmill is currently a part-time gig. Would you do this full-time if the opportunity presented itself?

Goldmill was interrupted by the signing of my side project “Thin Ice” to Blood&Ink Records, which also includes Bruce and Drew. We would all love to play in the band full time.

You guys traveled out to Cornerstone last summer right? How was that experience?

It was an experience to learn from. We had a lot of fun but realized that next time we go, it would be a good idea to only play a couple days instead of EVERY DAY. Haha. It was tiring and most of us wanted a change of pace midway through the fest.

Do you plan on making that trip again in 2010?


Pick 3 current bands that you’d really like to tour with.

Advent, Debtor, Burning Empires

Do the members of Goldmill consider the band a ministry or just a band made up of Christians?

A ministry.

What are a few things that you would like to accomplish with the band?

It would be awesome to tour the United States.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Check out Thin Ice