Frost Like Ashes

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1.Tell us the brief history of the band Frost Like Ashes?
We formed back in 2001, we recorded the demo version of Immortals, then got signed by SotD Records and put out Pure as…, we then went into record Tophet pretty early on but SotD disappeared from the map and left us high and dry halfway thru the original recording of Tophet. We managed to salvage one song from that session, Nightfall’s Cold Kiss, which was released on a comp put out on Lifeless Records. We were then put in a holding pattern until we were approached by PsychoacoustiX records. They were very supportive of the band and gave us enough money to purchase some gear to record on. We finished the album up about a year before it was actually released, though the first pressing of the disc had the name PsychoacoustiX on it, the album was not released by them. The owner had suffered an unexpected death, from what I do not know, and the widow was kind enough to get the discs sent to us by the manufacturer. Since then we were able to up out a very long ep, with many songs, some rarities and 2 new songs on Sullen Records, the ep was called Born To Pieces, the 2 new songs have also been released on a 7inch vinyl. We are currently working on our next album.

2.How did you come up with the name for the band?
I was reading thru the bible and it was like the phrase was highlighted, I believe God showed me that phrase specifically for this project, so I wrote it down and used it when I had a chance.

3. Who is currently in the band?
Azahel on vocals, Adonijah on drums, Qoheleth on Keys, Fire on Bass, and I am playing guitar.

4. Whats with the members name? Do they have meaning behind them?
Some of my favorite artists use “names” Alice Cooper, King Diamond, etc. So that was just a thing we did in working out what FLA was about back in the beginning. We wanted names that represented us in a spiritual sense. Azahel is a variation of Asahel who was one of the mighty men in the bible, Qoheleth is wisdom, Adonijah means my Lord is Jehovah and was also one of David’s sons in the bible, Fire is a variation/translation of his real name, and Sebat is my name.

5. Why did you choose to use face painting like black secular bands?
We play blackened death metal and are all fans of the styles we incorporate, artistically it is appealing to us, and in addition I feel that God specifically told us to do it, so my face paint is based on that. We really spent some time praying, thinking and debating about how to approach this, and we ended up doing what we felt was the right thing to do. We have suffered a bit for it, as being judged as a gimmick band by some and hated by some others (both Christian and non) but overall we have had a blessed time thus far.

6.Tell us about where Frost Like Ashes is headed right now?
I think that its headed for a couple more recordings and then we will end it. I don’t expect anything soon from us, but am currently writing some music and when we have a chance to get it recorded we will. Frost Like Ashes is no longer approaching this with as much time as we have in the past, life is full for us all. We have families, children are so important I really don’t want to miss too much of my kids lives just playing some songs, so we are in the process of working on material, but I don’t expect anything too soon.

7. How important is the Christian aspect of the band? Do you consider Frost Like Ashes to be a ministry?
There are really only two things that matter in life, God and people, and we are all about both. We want to create some great art that shows a heart of worship to our Lord and master, and that inspires and empowers people to know Christ in a greater way. Our prayer is that we impact you somehow. There is a great bible verse that we pray over our music, over our band in Isaiah 30 where it talks about God making war to music. Our prayer is that God is warring over each person that hears Frost Like Ashes. That they are somehow blessed and come closer to Christ.

8. Your last album Born to Pieces is quite an interesting album, It sold out before it was released, where you guys happy with it?
Very happy with it, it was an ep, but the song writing seems to be growing, the production was better, I dig it. I wish we had another 250 to get out there to people but for now, it’s a blessing that people wanted to buy it.

9. Will you guys be play any live shows this year?
Probably not for a while, God has to make it clear that we are too do this and then we will. Until then, not going to happen.

10. What has the experience of working with Sullen Records been like for you?
Best experience with a label yet for Frost Like Ashes, that’s for sure. James treated us great and did what he said he would. I am blessed to have worked with him.

11. Could we see anything new from Frost Like Ashes this year?
I am pushing for a couple free downloadable songs at some point. We have some tracks we could easily do this with, and would love to do that for people.

12.. Do you have any final comments? Thanks for the interview!
All hail Lord Sabaoth.