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1) Tell us the brief history of the band Faith Factor?

Joe: Faith Factor was originally called Factor 5. Factor 5 had a totally different lyrical approach. It was an extremely dark time in my life thus the lyrics back then took on that meaning. Factor 5 ended after a short life when ski found Christ. In the mean time Ski and myself stayed in touch and finally we were both on the same page with our inner selves and relationship with Christ. So we decided to play quality power metal and honor Christ in doing so. Thus was the birth of FAITH FACTOR. Finding Blaine and Chris and Danny was really a pretty easy search for us as we all were involved in the same gender of music in the local scene. We are 5 brothers brought together to create Christ centered Power Metal! JESUS + POWER METAL= FAITH FACTOR

2) How did you come up with the name Faith Factor?

Ski: When I gave my life to Christ in April of 2000, God said to me now that you are following me, and want you to stop being a metal singer for your own glory, and the world, sacrifice for me and I will give you the desires of your heart, so now that I have your attention, here’s what I want you to do, im going to put a metal band together for you, and your going to call it Faith Factor, cause everybody believes in something, and at what level are you at in that belief, and when you sift through the truths you will see I am the light and way. Onward an upward my prayer warriors, make disciples of the lost souls in the underground metal world.

3) How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you play before?

Dan: METAL! To be more specific, I would call it Christian power metal. Three bands our music has been compared to are Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, and Queensryche. We are labeled as American power metal in many of our reviews. I agree with them. On top of that are Ski’s vocals which are melodic with some killer screaming like Matt Barlow, Rob Halford, Tim “Ripper” Owens, and Geoff Tate. Of course the message of our lyrics would classify us as Christian versus the other bands mentioned. Christian power metal bands we have been compared to would be Rob Rock and Barren Cross.

4) After the great success of the EP 07/07/07 is there any songs from the EP on the new album?

Chris: No. The acclaimed EP was released under Metallic Archangel Records. The new album, “Against a darkened sky” was written and recorded under Retroactive Records. We have received great reviews from both.

5) Talk about the new album “Against a Darkened Sky”?

Chris: Well, with the acclaimed EP, 7/7/07 God set out to establish some things- To get the Metal realm to understand to pray, to talk with God (Prayer Warriors), to understand how his son Jesus can work in a persons life (The Angel and the Butterfly), to warn of Satan’s deceit (Deceiver), he provided a great and powerful tract with this EP, and the blueprint for a record label which was to come, Retroactive Records!

Blaine: Against the darkened sky continues that message he created from the beginning…to speak thru metal, as the album starts out with Evila si eh, which is He is Alive. Keep it true, is a command charged to the band, “to keep it true, for all you do, defenders of the Faith, the truth here to stay” It is who we are: “We come across the sea, God’s Metal Ministry, from the land and the home of the brave”. The Rapture is God’s warning: “Judgment is coming, our Faith is put to test, un-holy sinners, screams and cries are imminent, God is calling, those of us Born again, Salvation the answer, seven years of trial begins”

God has a very important message with “For the souls left behind, Salvation is the only answer”.

In God’s Shadow, is encouragement from our Lord Jesus, and he sounds off immediately –

“As we – wait for the dawn, We stand, with the army of angels, Hope is what we have armed, true Victory, is almost at hand”. It is every Christian’s fight song-you may tempt me satan but God’s promise is that if we “walk” strong, we win! – In Remembrance should touch every ear and every heart that hears it, the pain we feel inside when we lose someone we love, we all know this pain, everyone of us. What God is portraying is that he feels the same pain, and cries the same tears as we do – Remember he lost his only Son, Jesus. Remember our Lord Jesus, he who carried out his death to free us from the bondage of our sins, and every US Soldier son or daughter who fought for our very freedom, and those we loved so much, who are no longer with us. – Light replaces darkness, is written about a young woman who went to Church, and accepted Christ as her Savior. She tells her story of how Jesus can make change in someone’s life, how his light replaced the darkness of her world. – The Armor of God. This is our battle-cry as Ski enters with: “Fallen warrior, God almighty commands, commit your spirit , to his battle-plan” Next our encouragement:” Chosen warriors, raise up your swords (Bible) and fight, defend his children, in the name of our Lord Christ”. Then wisdom: “ Helmet of salvation , knowledge of his word, help to save the spirit and soul, from this wicked world”

Divine Temptations is a story, a story everyone should know! About a Living King who defeated satan with the word of God. It is the blueprint for every person to follow, although we constantly fail to follow it. Jesus taught us how to put satan in his place, and it is with the word of God!

When you get to Ascend unto Heaven, then you are about to be hear the greatest story ever told to mankind. ”Holy Father, why have you forsaken me, to shed my blood on a cross at Calvary? – holes in my hands and my feet and with Pilates spear in my side, eternally I ascend !”

The sinners Prayer – Now that you know something about Jesus, you may have figured out it’s time to make a choice in your life. We want you to know that Jesus died for our sins, so that we may spend all of eternity in his Fathers kingdom – Heaven. God wants to have a personal relationship with you, and please – Don’t hesitate – not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

6) How did the recording go on this album?

Dan: Overall, the recording process went well. However, it always takes longer than what you want it too. We were all working our jobs during the day and trying to fit the recording in on weekends when the most time was available for us. On top of that is the studio’s schedule availability and juggling that with our personal schedules. So it was several months from the start of preproduction until the recording part was completed. After that was the mix down which took time as well. Every time we record we learn and grow from it.

7) Were there any obstacles in getting this album produced?

Dan: Yes, we had some obstacles to overcome. The biggest being money to pay for recording time in the studio. Several of us were going through difficult financial situations where it was hard to come up with the extra money for the studio on top of living and raising our families. Fortunately, we were able to borrow money from someone who believed in Faith Factor. If not we wouldn’t be talking about Faith Factor right now. Another major obstacle was time. We had our jobs we were working and spending time with our families. It always seems time and money are big obstacles with most everyone. So our obstacles are just like everyone else’s daily struggles trying to get as much done with the time and money we have. So nothing extraordinary from our part. Talk to everyone and you will hear the same struggle. We are happy with what Faith Factor has accomplished and look forward to spreading the Metal Ministry

8. The album cover looks great. Who created it?

I hear there is a story behind it as well.

Ski: Surfing the internet for an artist, God led me to Kirsi Salonen, from Finland, God gave me a vision, and I explained it to her, through e mails, and in 3 weeks there was the rough draft of my vision, now the original artwork is not what Retroactive Records released, it was much more graphic, but keep in mind its how God gave it to me, Retro felt they would not be able to sell this in a Christian market, but I know this imagery would capture the lost souls in the underground, they like things dark an graphic, so we compromised the original vision, but if you go to our website you will see it at

9) How did Faith Factor team up with Matt from Retroactive Music?

Ski: Well we were trying to get a deal with Bombworks and Rob Colwell said I think I might know someone who would dig your style of metal so Matt Hunt heard our EP, and liked what he heard and wanted to work with us, so we worked out all the details until both sides were in agreement and we signed, we believe this endeavor is also ordained by the Almighty.

10) I see you play a lot of live shows with secular bands, how does that work out with you being a Christian band on the bill?

Blaine: That’s the calling Dale. It is the living work of Jesus in this world today. In our case, he placed us deep within the Realm of Metal, to plant seeds thru his words for all to hear. When he sent us into the battlefield, his will was revealed. The secular scene shows us great love back, they accept us with open arms for our beliefs, they are captivated by the music they love, with the message God wants delivered!

11) What message do you want the listener to pick up from listening to the new album?

Ski: First we want to hook them, then we want to cook them, we are fishers of men, using a different kind of bait, we set out to write catchy, hooky, sing-able chorus, so when they are listening and singing along, our hope and prayer is that’s when God goes and gets them!

Joe We want the people to understand that its ok to rock and love and have a relationship with Jesus Christ! Power Metal music is our love given to us by Christ, so we will continue to spread his word of salvation through our music and his lyrics.

12) Do you have any final comments? Any Tour plans?

Thanks for the interview!

Ski: Wow God has so blessed this metal ministry, I cant imagine where were going next, we book our own shows, we have families with kids, and day jobs and all, I wish we could be blessed with a booking management team that are true believers, and would have the same goals to get the gospel out into the concrete jungle at the time of this interview. We have just been ask to come to the Czech Republic to do a show with Saxon, Anthrax, and our soon to be label mates Kreyson, also Cornerstone ‘09 with bands like Theocracy, lots of local shows, and I also book what’s called True Metal America, which is 3 to 4 signed bands playing night clubs, with secular metal bands, the reason we do this is didn’t Jesus say be among the sinners and show them the way ?

working title for the next cd “sshhhhhhhhhhh”…..don’t tell anyone…


(based on the book of revelations and the end time prophesies)

Metal blessings y’all

Ski <

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