Daniel McCartney of Gideon (guitar) & Kaedyn Entertainment

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I had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with guitarist Daniel McCartney of Gideon. He has his own booking and artist management company, Kaedyn Entertainment, and he would like to tell us a little bit about it. Kaedyn’s roster contains:

Management Roster
Latin For Truth

Booking Roster
Gideon (Facedown Records)
Ironwill (Blood and Ink Records)
Divide the Sea (Blood and Ink Records)
Thirtyseven (Blood and Ink Records)
Messengers (Strike First Records)
Thin Ice (Blood and Ink Records)

How long has your booking /management company been around?
I just recently started up Kaedyn Entertainment. I’d say about 5 months now.

What motivated you to start this?
I booked full-time for Gideon for around a year. After a while, my contacts built up enough to where I could help other bands. I tour full-time, so a job can be tough at times. This is also a job I can do from the road.

How have things been going so far for Kaedyn Entertainment?
Things have gone great! I have 5 bands on the management end, and 6 bands on the booking end. I’ve built some awesome relationships, I love what I’m doing, and the direction the company is going.

What are your long-term goals/expectations for Kaedyn?
I want Kaedyn Entertainment to be one of the leading entertainment companies in the world one day. I hope to expand the roster, expand the staff etc. I have big dreams, but I’m working hard, and looking for more people willing to work harder.

Is this something you’re able to do when you’re on the road with Gideon?
Kind of covered that earlier on accident, but yes I do! haha. As long as I have wi-fi, or can get to wi-fi I can do most of my work from my computer. I can also do most of it from my phone also, so it’s pretty convenient.

I know booking is almost a “gift” from God, and difficult for many bands to undertake. What is the secret to your success?
I still have a whole lot to learn, but I love doing this. It really starts with that. I love the relationships I make, and just love booking. A lot of people go into booking just for the money, and end up becoming impatient with it and quitting. Just gotta stick with it and your contacts will build up!

How can bands get in touch with you? 
Kaedynentertainment@gmail.com Hit me up!

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