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Creations recently announced the departure of vocalist Michael Foss. You can see the official announcement video here. I had a chance to catch up with their bassist, Jonny Blackwell, to discuss transitions, touring and the new upcoming record, Unworthy. See what he had to say below.

So, you guys call Australia home. How is the reaction from American audiences different or similar from Australian audiences?

Shows in Australia well I feel like kids are more stoked to go out to see bands play here.  The shows are just where kids have absolute fun, There’s hardly any fights unlike the USA & I think people in Australia appreciate music more because it’s not every day or week when US or UK bands are playing here. Unlike in America where there is constantly multiple tours going all the time. But touringAmericais great, there is so many places to play. In Australia there’s not many places you can tour opposed to the states.

When the EP, Ruined, was toured on for two years. The Gospel has been out less than a year and yet you guys have already finished a new full-length entitled, Unworthy. Why did you guys want Unworthy out so soon?

It mostly has to do with our label (Mediaskare Records) we released “The Gospel” on there sub-label Rite of Passage this past August & they just wanted to get our next release out hopefully by mid 2012. Also had alot to do with the fact we recorded “The Gospel” a year before it was released so the material was old to us & we had matured in a new sound so we where ready to write what became “Unworthy”

Creations is undeniably a Christian band. We have to ask, what is the one Bible verse that sticks out to you best? Or which verse has had the heaviest impact on your walk with God?

Im not sure if I would say I have a favorite bible verse but  im currently reading through the Gospel of Luke. Reading about Jesus teachings & Pure Discipleship he taught about also Im always reading about different things & watching sermons from teachers like John Piper, Mark Driscall & CJ. Mahaney or reading books by John Macarthur & or N.T Wright. But deep down I would tell others who come to and talk with us to go search God for yourselves. Don’t let your parents or pastors tell you what to believe in, it’s something you need to find for yourself & yeah getting in a church is really important. Community is really important to growing in your faith.

With this New Year, what are the goals for Creations as a band?

2012 will be a big year for Creations, we recently toured Australia this past Jan/Feb, We have been working on our new record “Unworthy” which has been tracked, We are working on vocal tracking really soon & then sending it to be mixed/mastered. Also recently our guitarist James left the band so soon we will be possibly announcing who will be heading out to help us out on some tours. Also we are announcing a tour for April/May in America. Cant say who it’s with yet but you might have seen some things posted online about it. Basically it’s a full US tour, so if we haven’t come to you yet, this one most definitely will. Just a hint to all the people in Florida might be dropping in for a visit. Apart from releasing the new record sometime on Mediaskare Records, touring the US a lot more & we will see what happens.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you guys while on the road, here in the states? And in Australia?

America: I would say last November we where out on a 20 day Headline run with Redeemer & Deserters. We had to drive from Boise, Idaho to Denver, Colorado, which means you have to drive through everybody’s favorite state Wyoming. We had been driving for hours through the night and all of a sudden it stated snowing. We didn’t have Chains because the forecast said it wouldn’t be bad. So us and Deserters are driving down the interstate in the snow until cars/trucks start slowing down and then all of a sudden the van/trailer hit black ice and we started to slide down the road. We honestly thought the van was going to flip. Since many bands weeks before had driven this same road and flipped there vans. We managed to get it under control but slid off the side of the road and it took some time to get back on the road and slowly drive to Colorado. Which ended up taking another whole day.

For Australia: We have driven through some insane towns flooded before but cant remember too much else that’s happened.

So, I am very eager to hear Unworthy. I loved both Ruined and The Gospel. What can fans of your previous releases expect on the new album?

Well it’s a bit different than the last two releases (haha) I don’t want to give to much away but it’s a lot darker sounding, faster, heavier more metal I guess sounding than our previous heavy hardcore feel. A lot of influence for this record came from bands like Behemoth, Meshuggah, Gojira & Impending Doom. It still sounds like Creations but definitely a more matured sound. Hope your enjoy it J

Has it been different being signed to Mediaskare versus their subsidiary label, Rite of Passage?

Not really at all, same people. We love the dudes at Mediaskare Records. Good bunch of Mates.

What’s the most fun you’ve had on tour in your career to date?

Good question. For me I love playing shows, getting to go to sweet cities for the day like chilling in Boston or Washington DC definitely ruled but played some insane shows in the last couple of years. This past year in the states playing at Matter festival with Life in your Way, our homies in Impending Doom & Plea for Purging was great, Easterfest inAustraliaback in 2010 or 2009 with As I lay Dying was great. Doing dates with Gideon & Hundredth back in August of 2011. Yeah tour is really fun. (haha)

Who’s the jokester in the band? Why?

Either Jared (Guitarist) or Mike (drummer) they just do so many stupid voices or just create insane screaming noises to scare people in neighborhoods & cities we drive through.

It was recently announced around Tim for the Gun Show was the new vocalist. How are you guys as a band feeling on this as a whole?

Yeah, Tom has been one of the band’s best friends for a few years now, we had the chance to tour with The Gun Show a couple of summers back & made great friends with him. When The Gun Show decided to call the hiatus status. Tom moved to LA & we stayed in tight contact with him. Tom is one of the best vocalists we know & his passion for the Gospel is incredible. The transition was smooth bringing Tom into the band because he knows our hearts and knows our direction for ministry. Also Tom & Michael have been working on lyrics and content for this new record for around 2 months now.

What can you tell us about Michael’s new ministry projects?

From what I know Michael’s father recently took on a local church in their hometown in California. I know him & his wife are currently part of building that church. I also know Michael & Heather want to study more for their future career options and move forward in married life. I’m sure this wont be the last you will be hearing from Michael.

In the recent announcement video, Tim said both him and Michael wrote the new album, Unworthy. How was that writing experience different?

Yes! The New Record will be called “UNWORTHY”. Tom & Michael have been writing this record for around 2 months now together. I haven’t seen a lot of the lyrically content but I know it’s basically about how we are unworthy in the eyes of God but we where given everything. How we are so blessed to be living & have the things we have like food, water, family & friends. But we really deserve nothing. In a nutshell it’s a story of hope.

You guys are the only band returning to the Young Bloodz spring tour that INRI clothing does. How is it to be back for another round?

This YoungBloods tour is actually separate to the INRI Tour we did last year. Yeah they have the same name but this is a Mediaskare Records & Rite of Passage Records tour. I dont think the two tours are linked at all. Come say hey to Tom & Blake.

With the move up to Mediaskare. What are the chances of seeing you guys on Scream the Prayer this summer?

Scream the Prayer would rule to be apart of but i guess we have to wait & see what happens. Would be a blessing to be apart of that tour

Last but not least, when can fans hear Unworthy?

Wish I knew man! Still a few things to do on the record but looking like mid year.. So watch out for it this Summer.