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Questions answered by vocalist Michael Foss and bassist Jonny Blackwell

What kind of feedback have you received so far from Ruined?

MF-Seeing that we did the EP all by our selves we never expected such a response. Kids have seemed to really enjoy our songs musically and lyrically. We haven’t had a lot of negative feedback, except for the occasional hecklings for having biblical lyrics, and so we count it all as blessing to have such a positive release. From the beginning, we desired nothing less than to preach the Gospel. Praise God for all the support and listeners.

What bands have influenced your music and sound?

MF & JB-A load of bands that have influenced us are as follows: No Innocent Victim, Seventh Star, Sleeping Giant, Impending Doom, Converge, Advent, Life In Your Way, Acacia Strain, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Hatebreed and many more. As you can see we have quite a mixture of Metal and Hardcore influences and we try to put it all in our music whether it be lyrically or musically. All these bands have contributed in one way or another to the music we write.

How was your US tour? What were your favorite shows on that tour?

JB-It was my first time ever to go to the States and what a time it was. Insane, it’s all I can say. Raleigh, North Carolina was by far my favorite show on tour. There was lots of moving and energy from the crowd, and the sound was sick.

MF-Even being originally from the states. I got to see it in a completely different way, and I loved being on the road every night. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Being able to preach the gospel to over 700 kids this tour has seriously blown my mind. Terre Haute, Indiana was the greatest thing for me. A packed out room with heaps of kids singing along blew my mind. Even though they weren’t allowed to mosh we had kids jumping and dancing. I think it was our greatest response of the tour.

Did you guys talk to any labels while you were in the US?

MF-No we didn’t have the chance to talk to any labels but loads of people have asked us what label we are on and if we are signing with different labels. We see that as a big compliment and hope to talk to labels sooner than later.

Which shows are better, US or Australian?

JB-U.S. is cool because its different and kids seem to get more psyched for international bands, Australia is super fun because its our home town and the kids are heaps keen.

How are you guys fed spiritually while on tour?

MF-We definitely have our own personal devotions while on tour but the main way we are fed corporately by Pod Casts and prayer. It’s definitely a challenge when you don’t have a local church to go to every week, but God is found in the still and quiet, which the road provides. Most importantly, our personal devotions are what keep us going and allows us to lift each other up.

Do you guys get fans that come up to you after the show and ask/talk to you about your faith?

MF-On many occasions we have had people come up to us and ask us questions and we have seen God do cool things. Although we preach to many we do it for the one that God may touch. There is nothing more exciting than seeing God save an individual and work in some ones life. We also have a prayer and questions blog on our MySpace if people have questions or need prayer, and have been able to pray with people all over the world. And though we are un-deserving we are amazed at how God has used us thus far.

What can a fan expect to experience at one of your shows?

MF-Whether you are a fan or not you can expect to experience the Gospel and we pray that they would experience a living God, in hope to see lives changed. We do not only present the gospel in a speech between songs but through out our set, which we like to consider nothing less than worship. Lots of energy and passion displayed and this is only a response to what God has done for us on the cross two thousand years ago. Who knows God could chose to save a life, and what an experience that would be.

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