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Email Interview with Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid (March 2007)

JoshIVM: How did Comeback Kid initially get started?

Andrew: We started around 2001 but only decided to fully embrace doing this band full time in 2003. Before that, it was just playing local shows… once our first record was out we started touring.

JoshIVM: When did you make the decision to make CK your full-time focus in music?

Andrew: It wasn’t really a conscious decision. I was doing Figure Four and Comeback Kid at the same time. Both bands would get offered tours or be planning things, and it just happened that CBK started taking off more, and members of FF were starting to get interested in other things as well… so it just kind of worked out that way.

JoshIVM: With the success of CK, can we consider Figure Four (who as I understand it, never officially broke up), a thing of the past?

Andrew: Yeah def. I don’t really see FF doing any shows in the future. But we never closed that door just in case. That is definitely something of the past, and just a different time in my life. We haven’t played in years now.

JoshIVM: After releasing your debut on Facedown Records, you quickly became a favorite in the hardcore scene. Any reason you think that might have happened?

Andrew: Because of our pot bellies and good looks? i dunno mang!

JoshIVM: When Scott Wade let you know he was leaving, was there a time when you considered scrapping CK or did you know that you definitely wanted to continue on?

Andrew: It crossed my mind, but it was the kind of thing where we weren’t ready to stop doing this band and felt there was a lot more we wanted to do with Comeback Kid. So we wanted to keep it going. It was basically just taking it as it came at the time… and we were into the new direction and did a new record. Here we are now and it’s feeling really good with the new lineup.

JoshIVM: Correct me if I’m wrong, but Scott left soon before a tour, so you filled in on vocals. Did you guys ever consider bringing a new vocalist in?

Andrew: We thought about it but thought it would be easiest to have me switch from guitar and vocals. I was pretty involved with the writing of some of the lyrics so it was a pretty smooth transition. We actually were on tour when he left so it was playing guitar one day in Iowa, then the next day singing in St. Louis.

JoshIVM: How many songs did you guys go into the studio with for “Broadcasting”? Were there any B-sides left over? Any way that we will see them in the future?

Andrew: We actually used all the 11 songs that we wrote for Broadcasting… The only Bside that we have is a song for Wake The Dead. We’ve talked about releasing it, or changing it and re- recording it but haven’t done anything about that. haha.

JoshIVM: You’re currently on tour with It Dies Today and This Is Hell correct? How have the shows been so far?

Andrew: Shows have been great! Im doing this interview right now in the van in Florida. Im glad that we’re in the toasty hot weather now. We’ve seen snow and tropical weather on this tour so it’s pretty crazy seeing the difference heading south so fast. Everyone on this tour is getting along really well. All the bands are different so there is a diverse audience. Rick from This Is Hell sings Talk Is Cheap w/ me every night and that gets me amped… Lots of bros working out in parking lots though… wierd. Or maybe Im the wierd one.

JoshIVM: You just did a few tours overseas, one in Europe and one in Japan. How were those tours? Did you guys know you had fans in Japan? How different is the scene over there, that you could see in the brief time you were there?

Andrew: Well it’s funny. I know more and more bands are doing it nowadays, but there are great hardcore/ punk scenes in so many different countries and not that many bands take advantage of that! We love to travel and I think oddly enough Germany is one of our favorite countries to play… We’ve toured Japan and Australia a couple times over, Europe is amazing in general. We’re going to Australia in May with Sick Of It All and I’m really looking forward to that.

JoshIVM: Can you speak to us about the meaning in the song “Broadcasting”

Andrew: That song is just recognizing the power that the media has and how a small amount of people are providing information about what goes on in the world to billions of people. It’s about the fear and control instilled in the public. It’s just a reaction to things i see and hear on a daily basis. There are so many illusions.

JoshIVM: How about “Defeated”?

Andrew: You know those times when you have nothing left and you’ve been shoved down? That song is just expressing how it feels to be defeated.

JoshIVM: You’re well known for being the frontman for Figure Four, who were very outspoken lyrically about their faith. Then obviously you started CK with both Christian and non-Christian members. The band was led by Wade, who I am assuming wrote the lyrics, and who is not a Christian. I’ve read in interviews that you stated something to the effect of you cannot fully agree with some of those things you sang in Figure Four. Is there more you explain there?

Andrew: Like I said before I’m just at a different time in my life now. I don’t believe in the same things I did when I was 18 years old. Figure Four started in 1998 and the other original members definitely had an agenda and as the band changed ( members) I was growing up and my opinion changed on a lot of issues. Classic story I guess. I don’t know what happens to us when we die.

JoshIVM: What other bands are you currently digging right now?

Andrew: Parkway Drive ( who are on tour with us right now ), Azure Ray, Mute Math, Have Heart, Cancer Bats…

JoshIVM: Will we see any videos for this new album? If so, what song will it be for? When might we see it? Anyone specific you’d like to work with to do the video?

Andrew: We actually just shot a video last week for the title track “Broadcasting…” That should be released some time in April…

JoshIVM: Thanks for answering these questions! Anything you want to leave us with?

Andrew: We’re going to the beach tomorrow.. woooooo!

*Thanks to Andrew for taking his time out to answer these questions and Maygen at Victory for setting this up!

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