A Road Less Traveled

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For the past eight years, these five Texans have determinantely traveled the music business road. Many bands have walked (or rather, driven) this path – but A Road Less Traveled has continually proven themselves to be a cut above the rest. With a strong fan base, significant touring schedule, and two full-length releases, ARLT is poised to break through the indie scene rather soon. Their music posseses character, and many instrumental layers. Their songs are catchy and meaningful…and sure to be placed on “repeat.” Check out what they had to say in response to a few questions I sent their way:

Introduce us to the band members – their names and instruments,  and one random fact about them:
A Road Less Traveled is Zach Dietz- lead vocals, Chris Brown- Bass,  Michael Murry- MIDI, Kuhrt Cowan- Drums, and Shawn Anglin-guitar.  We  all graduated from Borger High School, Go Bulldogs!

How did the band start, and for what original purpose?
We started over 8 years ago as a worship band leading worship at our  home church.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment to date?
Our greatest accomplishment to date would probably be staying an  independent band for as long as we have and not killing each other!   It’s tough doing this for as long as we have especially from a  business aspect. We’ve never had any financial backing except for what  we make at shows.  So that can make it tough because you have to build  a fan base from nothing more than your friends and family.

When we started out we were playing in front of crowds and our  merchandise was handmade jewelry bought from Asia on a mission trip!  It didn’t say anything about A Road Less Traveled on the merchandise,  but we sold it nevertheless!  So that made it interesting from a promotion stand-point!

Who has influenced you either musically or spiritually?
Musically there have been so many bands, but I would say the two bands  that have had the most influence would be Skillet and Switchfoot.   Both bands for different reasons, but they always seem to have a  “rawness” about them that shines through in their music and lyrics.

Spritually, probably our church in Lubbock.  The Heights Fellowship is  a church that embraces the true meaning of servant-hood, worship, and  everything a church was meant to be.  Without their support and prayer  this band wouldn’t be who we are, and probably wouldn’t  be together.

You were CCM’s Reader’s Choice Best Independent Band of 2007.  What do you guys think helped the voters to connect so well with  your music?
Just like our influences we’ve always strived to create music that’s  real.  By that I mean, when we write we really think and pray about  the point-of-view we’re writing from.  “The kid who’s cutting himself  because he hates his family” or “The girl who gave it away because she  was deceived by the lie that she’ll never be loved that deeply  again.”  These are all stories we hear from our fans all the time,  because of that we felt it was our responsible to respond and respond  with truth.  I think that has probably given the fans a point to  connect with us and feel like have a part in our music.

How does your new EP differ or resemble the previous album?
Of A Captive Heart resembles Rescue in the fact that both albums  reveal the same message, but I feel it differs a lot in the sound.  We  feel like this album we found our sound and found the niche we’ve been  wanting to land on for a while.  Collectively, we’re extremely satisfied and we’re excited to keep writing.  This album gave us that breath of fresh air we’ve needed for a while.

What is your favorite song on the new record and why?
I think our favorite song collectively would have to be “Underneath.”   It was one of the first songs written for this record and its a blast  to play live.  Sonically, its something we’ve always wanted our other  songs to sound like.  It has a hip-hop vibe, but still rock.  We feel  like its unlike anything else out there, but its worth taking that  risk to write a song like it.

Describe your live show…
This is going to sound cliche, but I honestly believe our energy  onstage is a big strength.  We’ve always been inspired by the bands  that have that x-factor that keeps you entertained and your eyes glued  to the stage.  Our inspiration and goal when putting together a set  list is “What can we do that nobody else is doing?” So because of that  motivation I think our show gives the audience a reason to believe the  lyrics and believe the music.

If you could tell a new fan 3 things, what would you say?
1. Thank you!

2. Come to one of our shows!

3. Write us on Myspace and tell us more about yourself!

What’s one question you’ve never been asked, but would like to be asked – and the answer!
How big are your biceps?  HUGE!!!

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