5 Questions with I, The Breather

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1. It’s been a pretty crazy 2010 for you guys!  for those that don’t know, who are you guys (names/instruments) and what bands did you play with before I The Breather?

Morgan Wright:  For sure 2010 has been a crazy year for us! The band consists of (me) Morgan Wright – Drums, Justin Huffman – Guitar, Jered Youngbar – Guitar, Shawn Spann – Vocals, Armand Vincent – Bass. As for previous bands we all used to play in: Jered played with a group called Aneirin, Shawn played in a group called Erison, Justin played in Sleepers Awake as well as me, and I previously filled in on drums for Oh Sleeper.

2. Tell me about the album, when it releases and what can we expect?

MW – The album is great! Im so excited for it to drop. You can get a taste of the music on our myspace page. We have two brand new songs up now titled “Longevity” and “High Rise.” I’m very excited for the release. You can expect it to be out this fall. You can expect a lot from this album. The music is very upfront and powerful, and the lyrical content is just as strong. There is a lot of emotion in the songs, from the breakdowns to the melodic choruses. I think we’ve written a great CD.

3. what are your touring plans this summer?

MW – Touring plans this summer include us being apart of the Scream the Prayer tour. We’re honored to be apart of this tour. We’ll be playing alongside bands such as Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, For Today, and more. The tour starts July 2nd in Nashville, TN at Rockettown and it runs until August 8th in Baltimore, MD at Sonar. The tour hits everywhere in between east and west coasts. There are so many great bands apart of this tour, so come support us and all the other bands.

4. you guys just signed to a label; Sumerian Records, tell me about that, how it happened and what it means.  (is a drum sponsor hopefully next!?)

MW – Yes, we have signed with Sumerian Records. It’s great to be apart of the family! Im very excited for our future endeavors with the label. It’s great working with everyone at Sumerian. And Yes, Drum endorsements are in the works. For sure!

5. for those that don’t know you guys (yet) tell us what to expect at the live shows, what are you guys listening to/reading, where can we find you (myspace, facebook, twitter…).

MW – An I the Breather live experience can be described in a couple of words. Tight, Heavy, and Fun! We love performing so every show we play, we pour our hearts into each song. At the moment I am currently listening to the new Circa Survive CD – Blue Sky Noise. As well as Israel Houghton’s Live Praise and Worship CD they both have such good messages. I am reading my dad’s book actually called America’s Hope. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for guidance in their life. It’s a great read. You can find me on twitter at /morganitb and just search my name on facebook and myspace.

Thanks a lot Brian I look forward to hanging out soon dude!
God Bless