An Epic No Less

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I recently had the pleasure of doing an email interview with Todd of An Epic No Less. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check them out yet, they are an electronica styled worship band based out of St. Louis, MS. Last year they’d released the We Are The Epic Of Love EP online for free or by donation which is really worth checking out.

1. Who is involved in An Epic No Less?

Todd Larson, Daniel Chancellor, Hannah Chancellor, Britney Stutz, Producer Dustin Brunett, and numerous people that have supported our ministry.

2. Do you have plans to add other members in the future or do you plan on keeping it on the smaller side?

We do plan on remaining low in numbers, but are looking forward to adding some new instrumentation to our next cd

3. How did you guys get together?

I met Dan at Church in College. His wife was a natural fit as an addtion. Britney is a friend of a friend. She was suggested to us through a popular STL band.

4. What are your music backgrounds, like former bands and other projects and such?

We all played for several local bands in the past. Todd’s most recent project was Called Clocktower Showdown. Dan drummed for a group called Mid August Night. Hannah can be found on myspace with a solo project and Britney played for a STL band called Dear Vincent.

5. What are some of your influences?

Paper Route, Postal Service, Owl City, Run Kid Run

6. How do you find people have responded to the We Are The Echo Of Love EP?

The responses I have received have been very postitive. But also a claim to how similar our sound is to a certain popular main streem band. shrug! 😉

7. The We Are the Echo of Love EP is available for free at Some have asked why you guys had made it available for free (I’m sure no one’s complaining, lol)?

We felt like the songs were given to us, and we trusted that individuals would pay for the songs if they felt like they should be able to pay what they wanted for the cd. Bands like RadioHead have done the same type of thing on a larger scale.

8. Are there physical copies available or other merch that people can check out online somewhere?

Our store should be up in a month or so online. Other than that i can be contact at for hardcopy and merch information

9. I understand you guys are planning on recording a new album in May. Will it be an EP or a full length?

We would love to do as many trax as possible. My personal goal is a 5 song minimum. All of it depends on if we are financially ready. We are an independant band that survives based on people giving into us.

10. How do you plan on approaching this new recording as compared to We Are the Echo Of Love?

We have already rented out a better studio. And am looking forward to adding some folk type instrumentation through out. Am excited to have some more time to experiment and perfect the CD even more to our liking than last time.

11. Do you currently have an aspirations to any labels in particular or anything of that sort?

We did three major label showcases this past year. I really have no idea what this year will hold for label interest. I can tell you honestly that our goal is just have a lot people to hear the songs. It is our hope that those songs will help them in prayer and worship. And however God wants to do that is fine with me.

12. Right now you have a tour planned with Building 429 coming up. Where will that be heading?

We are actually only opening on one date of that tour. But would be fantastic if more dates were added.

13. How have the live shows been?

I can say that our live shows this past year, have been a learning and growing experience. There are quite a few bugs that need to be worked out in an electronica band.

14. What other bands would you like to tour with in the future?

Hahah. Any would be nice, as long as we were friends that had a similar goal in mind for our songs.

15. The video for “We Are The Echo Of Love” seems to be getting a good deal of airplay on Fuse, JCTV, maybe more. How did that come about?

We were lucky enough to be picked up by RIVE video promotions. They have done all the leg work for that, and we are very happy to see what they are doing.

16. You currently have a plan in the works for a video for One Word. Do you have a timeframe in mind to have it up? Any specific ideas for it?

Looking to start shooting, in the third week of February. Got a couple ideas rolling in my brain. But they are secret! 😉

17. What advice do you have for others who are looking to do something in the area of music?

1. Remember to do it because you love it. 2. Always be the first to the table. 3. If someone understands you then they will invest in you. (3 points that we live by)

18. How do you feel God is leading An Epic No Less? Like what do you feel called to do with the band/ministry?

The answer has always been simple. We want to make music that will help others in prayer and worship. Personally, I feel that God only wired me to do a few things. Make songs, Make art, and help others. (foreign missions are big on our hearts) And it would be my honor that if everyday i could use those giftings to help someone else.

19. What do you guys do for church while you’re on the road?

As of date we have never traveled extensively on the road. But we are fortunate that the vast majority of places we play are in fact churches!

20. Anything you’d wanna say in closing?

Well… “if I only had one thing that I could say….It would be His name” 😉 -One Word.