Rookie of the Year

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IVM Eric: State your name and what you do in the band.
Ryan: Ryan, and I sing for Rookie of the Year

IVM Eric: How long have you been in Rookie of the Year?
Ryan: 3 years.

IVM Eric: Your record The Goodnight Moon came out in April of this year. For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell us about it and what someone should expect if they decided to go buy it.

Ryan: Well everybody says we’re a mix between Copeland and The Juliana Theory… The record has alot of ambient songs to more powerful songs.. it’s all around kinda a catchy cd. If you’re a fan of songs that get stuck in your head.. I recommend it. hehe

IVM Eric: How have things been going with 111 Records since you signed with them two years ago?
Ryan: Its been a good time being on that label… The Spill Canvas and This Day and Age have helped the label so much getting the label’s name out there. We’re happy to be apart of the One Eleven Family. They’re growing in size everyday. Rory is about to drop there new full length and that’s gonna help the label [and] us.

IVM Eric: How would you compare being in this band with you past bands? How did they shape you to be where you are now?
Ryan: Well I grew up playing in Hardcore bands…. and just harder Rock outfits…. like Farewell To Fashion.. as many know… And over time I just got into lighter and more poppy music… Also I have been touring non stop for like 6 years so I’m really used to living on the road.

IVM Eric: How is your faith incorporated into your band?
Ryan: Well, it’s rough to be strong in my faith.. I’m the only Christian in the band and it’s hard to stay pure without others to help ya. I recently got sick from a Low Potassium… and ended up in the hospital during our Mute Math and Under the Influence of Giants Tour.. and it made me [realize] alot of things in my life weren’t the way they should be.. being on bed rest for a month or so made me realize that with all thinking that happens when your staring at a ceiling. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

IVM Eric: What role would you say the internet has played in your success so far?
Ryan: We have alot of good things to say to online groups!! Myspace put us on the front page because they were fans of the band and it just helped us grow a bigger fan base. We’re very blessed to have Myspace and Purevolume on our side.

IVM Eric: You’re getting ready to start your first big tour of the West Coast with Roses Are Red, Tokyo Rose, The Outline, and Ivory. Why should kids come out to see your shows?
Ryan: We’re super excited to get to Cali… this is our first time coming on a big tour so we don’t know what to expect.. We are co-headling with Roses are Red so will see what happens when we get there. On this tour we have a lot of cool things we’re adding to our set so I’m excited for our fans and friends to see it.

IVM Eric: Who is the number one band besides you that our readers should check out?
Ryan: Personally, I love the new Inkwell record or the new Justin Timberlake record.. both have been playing a lot on my iPod.

IVM Eric: Now for the most important question of this whole interview: Coke or Pepsi?
Ryan: I’m a Caffeine free guy so I’m a Sprite or just Water fan.

IVM Eric: Anything else you’d like to say in closing?
Ryan: Thanks for doing the interview with me and please keep me in your prayers with my health. Please go check out our new record at .. one listen!!

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