Author: Jeremie

April 21, 2008

REVIEW : Saving Grace - Behind Enemy Lines

Band: Saving Grace Title: Behind Enemy Lines Label: Harvest Earth Records Release Date: 4.22.08 Review By: Jeremie Tracklisting: 01 – Behind Enemy Lines 02 – For So Long 03 – The Most Beautiful Promise 04 – A Poets’s Burial 05 – Just a Second 06 – The Eye Of The Storm 07 – Even As I Bleed 08 – In Your Own Hands 09 – U Becoming You 10 – Last Chance to Dance Members/Duties: xNikx (Vocals) xPigx (Guitar) George (Bass) Papa Bear (Drums Let there be mayhem!… Continued →

February 17, 2008

December 23, 2007


Ladies & Gentlemen. What you are about to read is my first ever phone interview, and it happened to be with Fono’s leader, Del Currie, a couple months ago. Please go through it all, i know it’s long, for we talked almost an hour. But it’s hard not to keep asking questions to a guy who answers them in such an intelligent, wise and humorous way !… Continued →