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November 10, 2008


November 11, 2008 By Jonathan/Bloodwater Thank you to Bonafide for taking the time to answer my questions and thanks to Jen from Big Machine Media for setting up this interview. For those unfamiliar with you, first off where does the name Grits come from and why did you decide to go with it? We are from the south, and when you hear GRITS, its already assumed. We wanted a name that stuck out and meant something that represented us. How did you get the nicknames Coffee and Bonafide?Continued →

November 1, 2008

INTERVIEW : Before Their Eyes

November 1st, 2008 By Jonathan/Bloodwater Thanks to Lance Brown of One Moment Management for setting up this interview and to Nick for sitting down to answer my questions. Which member of the band are you and what do you play in Before Their Eyes? I’m Nick and I play the vocals For those that are hearing about your band for the first time, why did you guys decide to go with the name Before Their Eyes? We thought it sounded cool. We got it from a bible verse in Romans also so there is good meaning behind it.Continued →

August 1, 2008

INTERVIEW : This Beautiful Republic

This Beautiful Republic Interview August 1st, 2008 By Jonathan Andrews Thanks to Ben Olin for taking the time to sit down and answer these questions and to Brian of EMICMG for setting up this interview. So for the record please let us know who you are and what you play in the band This Beautiful Republic? Ben Olin and I sing, scream, and thrash around on stage for This Beautiful Republic I read that you guys have all known each other since going to Toledo Christian School back in high school? Continued →

June 16, 2008

REVIEW : Soul Embraced - Dead Alive

Artist: Soul Embraced Album: Dead Alive Label: Solid State Records Review by: Jason B I like music and lyrics that tell a story. I’ve always been a fan of records that, when listening to them, give the listener a feeling that they are partaking of something bigger than just a cd: records that seem to take individuals on a journey. Such is the case with “Dead Alive”, the latest release from Soul Embraced. Firstly, what stands out the most is the production quality in comparison to other releases from the band.… Continued →

June 9, 2008

REVIEW : Destroy the Runner - I, Lucifer

Artist: Destroy the Runner Album: I, Lucifer Label: Solid State Records Review by: Jason B Track Listing: 1. Crumbs For the Murder 2. Isabella’s 3. Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoldom 4. A Bag of Marbles 5. I, Lucifer 6. It’s Always Cold In Paris 7. A Pathetic Psalm 8. Luxuria 9. On Falling Leaf 10. A Novel Of War 11. A Mountain So Big, A Question So Small When Destroy the Runner burst onto the scene in 2006 with their ferocious debut “Saints” they were filling four minute time slots of songs with familiar breakdowns, guitar solos and chug-a-chug riffs that would make the biggest of As I Lay Dying fans question whether vocalist Tim Lambesis had been replaced with another guy.… Continued →

June 4, 2008

REVIEW : Jon Foreman - Spring EP

Artist: Jon Foreman
Album “Spring Summer”
Label: Credential Recordings
Review by: Sam E
Track Listing: 1. March (A Prelude to Spring) 2. Love Isn’t Made 3. In My Arms 4. Baptize My Mind 5. Your Love Is Strong 6. Revenge
Folks that have followed Jon Foreman’s work since the first Switchfoot album came out in 1997 have long been aware of the fact that he is a brilliant songwriter. Jon has always seemed able to deftly pen a song or ballad that both provokes the muse in all of us, and also cuts deep to the heart and soul.
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June 3, 2008

REVIEW : The Almost Show Review Rocketown 06-01-08

I attended The Almost show this past Sunday night and wrote some thoughts down about it.  I have never done this before but thought it might be good for those wondering if they should check out this tour which includes in support Emery, Envy On The Coast and Army Of Me. At first I somewhat dismissed Army Of Me because I hadn’t heard of them before but these guys made me interested enough during their set to be my only purchase of their night.  I picked up their album at the end of the night.… Continued →

May 16, 2008

INTERVIEW : Esterlyn

Esterlyn Interview May 16th, 2008 By Jonathan Andrews Esterlyn‘s debut album Lamps came out back in February on Rooster Records. This is an email interview I did over the past week thanks to their management and the band. Q: First off please state who you are and what you play in Esterlyn. Hello my name is Luke Henry Caldwell- I sing and play guitar. Q: What is the purpose of the band Esterlyn? In short- to create, to love, and to serve. In long- our desire is to be legitimate in all that we do in our sphere of influence as individuals and as an artist.… Continued →

December 29, 2006

REVIEW : Sleeping At Last - Keep No Score

Band: Sleeping at last CD title: Keep No score. Review by Kyle (as the fall breaks)   Sleeping at lasts newest CD, which came out in the summer, is a very emotional record. I don’t mean emotional in a cheesy way. This was done right. The band has produced 3 full length cds, one of which was released on Interscope records (their previous CD “Ghosts” was on Interscope).             While I had heard Sleeping at lasts music (I got “Ghosts” a year or so ago) I wasn’t very big on their music.… Continued →