Under the radar releases of 2018 so far....

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With today being Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, 2019 will be here before we know it. There have been so many great releases these past 11 months, but some have gone with little or no recognition. This post is to bring to light some of those releases. 

The first release I’d like to mention is “You Won’t Have Us” by Spirit filled melodic hardcore band Broken Graves out of Ventura county, California. The album is available for a name your price on their bandcamp page. Fans of Dynasty, Dangerous Minds, For the Cause, and Rapture would be wise to take note of this group.

The second release to bring to light is the “Destroy” EP by New Yorks’s metalcore act Where Fire May Fail. This is their follow up release to their 2017 “Worship” ep which was basically CCM songs done only the way Where Fire May Fail would do them. “Destroy” is a concept album written from the point of view of the apostle Peter. This band will appeal to fans of Killswitch Engage.

Next up is the “Living Water” ep released by Indonesian Skate Punk band Living Water. It’s available for a name your price on the Cristo Suburbano records bandcamp page. They remind me of Jump Ship Quick, Living Fire, and Plano 6.

A few days back I did a post on Spanish Christian Punk, Ska, and Hardcore artists. One of those artists is a metalcore band out of Merida, Mexico, Amor Oceanico. They released their “Axioma” album which is available for a name your price on their bandcamp page. FFO: Valor Interior, The Devil Wears Prada, Righteous Vendetta, and Underoath. 

The one man punk band Preach It Ray Ray! who these past 2 years has only released Christmas songs, released a 2 song EP a few months ago entitled “Seven Stars” It’s also available for a name your price on his bandcamp page. Fans of Relient K, Dogwood, and Nofx may want to give this artist a listen. 

Finally, I’d like to make note of Pueblo, Colorado’s metalcore act At Your Worst who sadly released their final ep entitled “Lament”. They have offered it for a name your price on their bandcamp page as a thank you for all the support they’ve recieved over the years from all their fans. Fans of A Day To Remember will find pleasure with this release.

I hope you enjoy these under the radar releases. If you know of any others that may have gone under the radar this year, please make mention in the comments.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Christ bless you!

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November 30, 2018 5:02 am

That Where Fire May Fail sounds interesting. Will check it out.

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