The Best Albums of 2020 So Far From A to Z

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I was considering putting together a list of my favorite albums (and EPs!) from 2020 so far today when I had a better idea! Instead of giving you my top 10 or something like that I decided to give you album for each letter of the alphabet! At least that was the idea anyway. It turns out finding an album for each letter can be a bit tricky (I’m looking at you Q and X!). The good news is was able to find artist for almost every letter who released an album or EP between January and June this year. So without further ado, here’s my alphabetical list with runners-up for each letter (when possible).

Alright Years – Show Me Something

Runner-up: Almost Alwaysconvalesce

Brave DaysWork in Progress

Runner-up: Belle And The DragonBirthrights

Chase TremaineUnfall

Runner-up: Charming to the LastIt’s the Little Things

DensTaming Tongues

Runner-up: DAVWar Zone

Empty AtlasKairos

Runner-up: EmeryWhite Line Fever

Fight The FadeIn Love. in Hope. in Peace.

Runner-up: Fang FangFang Shui

Gable Price and FriendsFractioned Heart

Runner-up: Grace StaileyYou’ll Find Your Way Home

Huntingtons¡Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol!

Runner-up: Har AdonaiNow is Golden

Ian YatesMystery

Runner-up: Isla Vista WorshipCarried

Jodi Essex – Irreverent

Runner-up: Jacob DixonLionheart

KlaeConsume Me

LightworkerFury by Failure

Runner-up: Lance BlakeConsumed, Vol. 2

MantricFalse Negative

Runner-up: A Mouthful of ThunderCareful Now

Nate ParrishI’m a Wreck

Runner-up: NAMONAMO

Off Road MinivanSwan Dive

Runner-up: Out of BlackProgrammed Mind

Pyramid ParkNot an Island

Runner-up: Peter118Live at Meltdown

Quiet ScienceSet Free

Righteous VendettaNot Dead yet (A Rejected Record)

Runner-up: RedDeclaration

Second to SafetyEsther

Runner-up: Starflyer 59 – Miami

TigerwineNothing is for You

Runner-up: Tyson MotsenbockerSomeday I’ll Make It All Up To You


Runner-up: Unwed SailorLook Alive

Vacation ClubAlways or Never

Runner-up: ValientaPlease Listen on Headphones

World BreakerConduit

Runner-up: WhitacreSeasons

Xandria CrossIllusion

Youth AliveLove on Repeat

ZambroaTravelers & Balconeers

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July 5, 2020 11:04 am

where’s starflyer59?

Brian Goad
Brian Goad
July 4, 2020 8:20 pm

Surprised you didn’t mention KIDS

Tim M
Tim M
July 7, 2020 5:05 am

Are there RIYL for each of these? I don’t have Spotify and there are too many that I have never heard of!

July 6, 2020 3:08 pm

a few of those aren’t even albums lol. Also Declaratio nwas a million times better than Not Dead Yet

July 8, 2020 8:28 pm
Reply to  Matt

I agree the overall musical sound/cohesiveness of Declaration is greater than Not Dead Yet, but for some reason it’s harder to listen to the former album in headphones (I think it has something to do with compressed audio…maybe the way it was mixed?).

Great list, BTW! Glad to see Dens and Tigerwine made it. Also, I just listened to Lightworker for the first time the other day–they’re new album has some killer tracks!

Jeana Smith
Jeana Smith
August 9, 2020 2:54 pm

Empty Atlas is awesome! Thank you for suggesting.

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