Song of the Day: Rob Frazier - Go Through Fire

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Hearkening way back to 1990, Rob was actually in Petra for a brief stint. He recorded several solo albums & worked with Margaret Becker & Kansas. Most of this stuff is int he AC realm, but this SOTD has really stood out to me. Think about how faith works in our everyday lives & focus on areas where we can see God really working in our lives.

Susie works in a restaurant
Dreams all day ’bout the things she wants
Like security
And somebody to hold her tight
Now five years back she was on a roll
She came to Jesus, He saved her soul
But she fell away
When things didn’t go just right
Now she’s wondering
‘Bout that empty feeling in her life
Once you taste the truth
Nothing else will satisfy
You might have to go through fire
You might have to walk through water
You might have to stand
Where nobody else has stood
You might have to go through fire
But that can bе good

Billy worked in a factory
Till he lost his sight back in ’83
In an accident
Somеbody else’s fault
Now anybody could understand
How that could make you a bitter man
But he’s not that way
He’s thankful for what he’s got
He says “What I’m looking forward to
I don’t need these eyes to see
I’ve got a treasure up in heaven
And it’s waiting there for me!” He says…


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