Song of the Day: Random Hero - Lost Cause

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This song goes out to all those like myself who have thought life is hopeless sometimes. I think we all feel that way sometimes. Remember to lift your head & talk to the God who created us. He is just a prayer away.  I totally want that dude’s dreads also! Also, check out prior drummer Patrick Madsen’s solo stuff. Goes by his creative last name reversed Nesdam! He’s also married to Zahna who is awesome live.

I know the truth, It’s not hard to deny, But somewhere, My heart got lost in the lies, My faith, Is dying to see like you see, I’m on a one-way ticket, To the dark side of me. Will you hear me, If I keep screaming. Is there any sign of life left inside of me, Should I believe I’m a dead man walking, Say a prayer, Shine your light, Down over me, Make me see, I’m not a lost cause anymore. I seem to think, You love it every time that I bleed, I been reaching, You’re the cure that I need, It’s time to knock down, Drag it out, Cut myself free, I need a one-way ticket, From the dark side of me.


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jim naysium
jim naysium
September 6, 2023 7:52 am

saw these guys live once, right around the time “the covering” was released (2017 i believe) – they put on a killer show. dreads isn’t with them anymore, i don’t think – or at least doesn’t tour with them anymore.

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