Song of the Day: Lecrae - Jesus Muzik

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So Lecrae is a decent gospel rapper that has done pretty well in the industry. I saw him live & talked to him in Chicago a few years back where he autographed a book I bought that was about his story. I like tons of rap genres & artists, but all of them have come from the Christian industry. That’s just my choice & I think it’s a good thing for Christians to be crossover artists as many people can relate & an artist’s dream is then a ministry. NF is another one of the artists that has seen success. This specific song is dedicated to the Verizon store in Normal, Illinois where an employee had gospel rap playing when I was there & it was an awesome feeling knowing that another Christian who genuinely loved Jesus was around. Great dude!  There was a recent issue that you can read about between another rapper & a record label, but I really like this quote Lecrae said on it-

The rapper adds, “There’s always access to God regardless of how far we go off the rails. And if anybody is willing to confess and forsake their transgressions, there should be access to the Church as well, to the body of believers.”

Anyways, ride with your top down & listen to this banger loud! (But, not so loud to disturb the peace!)

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mr. zer0
mr. zer0
August 19, 2023 9:45 am

When CHH was raw and ridiculed by most. Oh, how I miss these days.

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