Song of the Day: Exiting The Fall - Lazarus

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Some members of this metalcore band are actually in a recent band on Tooth & Nail records that’s been releasing new music called Valleyheart. And you gotta love every band that defines themselves as spirit filled hardcore! Check out these lyrics

You’ve created a gap only searching for what you cannot see,
yet you still lack the balance of faith and reality.
Hear Him speak: “I Am what is and what will always be!

I Am the I Am. I fill the gap in between.
I Am the I Am. Call out to me! Call out to me!”

Speak to me!
Will you come will you raise the dead?
Will you come will you raise the dead?
These dry bones they have made their bed;
Bring us back to life!
“Show me death. Show me the grave.
I have conquered all in my way!”
Bring us back to life!

“I am the Word.
I am the Shepherd of the Lambs.
These dry bones will live again.
By my breath, you will breathe again!”

Let your peace conquer us.
Let your wind sweep us up.
Let your voice speak to us.

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May 1, 2023 8:25 am

Thanks for the reminder about how great this album is. I’ll have to check out Valleyheart as well. Not sure how I’ve missed them so far.

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