Song of the Day: DOC - To Da Dome vs Nimisilla Park - Outpour

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So I have been listening to gospel hip hop for many years. I remember having this rap group Pullin’ No Punches as a kid. It sported the marvelous collab w/ Bride & the reworking of the God Gave Rock & Roll 2U song. DOC was an abbreviation for Disciples of Christ. There were several 90s hip hop artists that abbreviated their names such as ETW’s End Time Warriors, SFC’s Soldiers for Christ, PID’s Preachas in Disguise, CROW’s Constantly Right Overcomes Wrong, etc… Anyway’s fast forward to 2016 & w/a name change released Welcome to Nimisilla Park. If you want to take a deep dive into old school Christian rap, check out¬† ¬†This song is more of a modern rock style. There is also a full review of Nimisilla’s album by Dave Hawkins in 2016 on this site.

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