Song of the Day: Beautiful Eulogy - Exit Dial Tone

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This Christian hip hop group is comprised of seasoned rappers: producer Courtland Urbano, Braille, & Odd Thomas. Check out these thought provoking lyrics

We are in this world not of it, not to be scared and run from it
We shine light in the darkness, that’s why He left us here
Calling out to all the exiles, the Lord will not forsake you
His kingdom can’t be shaken, hold strong the end is near
We are the light of the world, so, shine on

Hey, I thought we won the battle but it really looks like we losing it
What we do seems insignificant, so limited in our influence
They don’t listen to our message, we scream and yell it, they say it’s irrelevant
It’s the greatest story ever told but a television ain’t telling it
So often they just mock our faith and it makes me wanna hide my face
Why we sitting on our hands with no plans like we got time to waste?
The culture could change if someone stepped up for the cause
To rep us and our God, but who will accept the job?
If only we had better rappers to gain us more respect
To validate what we believe and keep our name up in the press
But God does not use the same methods as the world
He chose the foolish and the weak to bring His message to the world
We were rescued from the world, He left us here to be His servants
We don’t need more superstars we need more Gospel-centered churches
Working as the body to bring the Gospel to the nations

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April 27, 2023 10:12 pm

Beautiful Eulogy always has such unique beats and instrumentals, I’m a big fan of how atmospheric and easy to get lost in they are

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